Stranger Things “Trick Or Treat, Freak”

So, how did Eleven get out of the Upside Down?

In flashback, we get half of that story.  After blasting the Demogorgon away, she found herself in the Upside Down, but there was a small portal slowly closing nearby, and once the other side was clear, Eleven blasted her way through and ran off to live in the nearby forest off squirrel meat and the occasional stolen hunter’s jacket.  She did try to go back to Mike, but there were all kinds of government people there getting the other Wheelers who weren’t Mike onboard with both keeping Eleven’s existence a secret but also reporting if Eleven ever comes back.

But back to the present.  And now I ask myself:  do I like Steve now?  And my answer is:  I am not sure.  Nancy wants to tell Barb’s parents the truth.  Steve is too worried the government will make, well, all of them disappear or something.  Then they go to a party and Nancy gets way too much to drink, something Steve tries to stop (yay!).  Then she drunkenly says she doesn’t love him and he takes off (boo!).  Jonathan is there, though, actually hitting it off with a costumed girl and he opts to take Nancy home and leaves her in bed to sleep it off.

So, I’m not sure how I feel about Steve.

File photo: Steve

Yes, I am reusing that joke.

But what was Will up to?  I mean, he’s back, and he’s…still having flashes of the Upside Down, particularly a living shadow of some kind that seems to be looking for him.  He’s drawn pictures of it that he’s lied about, but he does tell Mike the truth.  Sure, that comes after he has another flash while trick-or-treating, and Mike is the best advocate since Dustin and Lucas seem to be competing for Madmax’s affections.  She has joined them for trick-or-treating, even if her psycho brother almost ran the guys over with his car.

Anything else for now?  More rotting pumpkins, insight into how Eleven is not allowed out by Hopper, and Bob gave Jonathan a video camera.

Oh, and Dustin found the thing in the garbage can.  He…likes it.  Whatever it is.

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