YouTube Selection: Just Write’s “Stranger Things And Intertextuality”

Huh.  I like the Nerdwriter.  I like Just Write.

What happens when Just Write responds to Nerdwriter?

To be clear, Just Write isn’t looking to start a fight with Nerdwriter.  In point of fact, Just Write actually agrees with the video essay he is responding to.  Nerdwriter did one on Intertextuality, which is referencing and connecting different texts.  Nerdwriter’s point was it has become a lazy way to connect stories.  Just Write decided to look a little deeper into Nerdwriter’s concepts and connect it to Stranger Things, which Just Write seems to figure has done the Intertextuality thing just right.  See for yourself.  Spoilers for Stranger Things season one in the video.

Oh, and here’s Nerdwriter’s original:


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