Comic Review: Saga Volume Three

A couple months ago, Jimmy Impossible completely caught up on Saga, and then urged me to do the same.

Well, I don’t really roll that way, but here’s a review for volume three of this Image Comics series.

Since the previous volume ended with Prince Robot IV finding the lighthouse where Alana, Marko, Marko’s warrior mother, baby Hazel, and the spectral Izabel are hiding with Alana and Marko’s favorite author.  The Prince didn’t know the family had beaten him to the lighthouse by two months or so.  Volume Three backtracks first to show the family arriving on the planet and meeting the author, where Marko’s mother Klara makes a connection with the man despite not caring much for his work.  It’s a fairly idyllic time until the Prince shows up, and he’s followed shortly thereafter by Marko’s angry ex Gwendolyn and the Lying Cat, while The Will is recuperating due to separate adventures on another world.

Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples continue to offer delight, humor, surprises, and action as needed, looking to see the series both lives up to its grandiose title and provides excellent character growth and development.  This particular book ends with what feels like a major step forward as the final page shows some clear passage of time.  Maybe I won’t catch up as quickly as Jimmy would like, but I will catch up some day.  Nine and a half weird poisons that cause your head to explode only under specific circumstances out of ten.


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