Deadwood “Jewel’s Boot Was Made For Walking”

So much of this episode seems to revolve entirely around Al Swearengen…

For starters, there’s Jewel.  Jewel is the woman with the malformed leg who works at Al’s place, and she goes to see Doc Cochran about a brace she saw in a book on Civil War medicine.  Why?  She wants something that won’t clunk around so loudly and bother Al.

Meanwhile, Sol and Trixie do the Wild Thang, and Al charges Sol for it even though it was what some might call a house call.  Then again, Al is an anti-semite.

Plus, Al spends some time pointing out to Bullock that Bullock would be the best choice for town sheriff, but Bullock does not want the job.  He just has a high moral streak and really doesn’t like the slob that got the sheriff position instead.

Would Bullock make a good sheriff?  Yes, obviously.  But he doesn’t want to get involved.  Just to be clear here:  on Deadwood, corruption and vice run rampant, but goodness and morality doesn’t want to get involved.

Bullock also met Alma’s father, a man who wants to get his hands on his daughter’s rather valuable gold claim.  Because why would anyone have a good family relationship at this point?

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