Simpsons Did It!: “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

There are a metric ton’s worth of guest stars in this episode.  The first is some guy named Huell Howser as himself.  I am not sure who he is.  Apparently, he does human interest stories, but here he’s hosting a TV show Homer and Lisa watch about how gumdrops are made.

It gets weirder from here!

Yes, after the gumdrop show, the snow begins to fall, and that means a snow day.  Bart wants to run outside and play.  Too bad the wind is so strong it keeps blowing him back inside.  He then tries video games, but a falling tree branch knocks out the power.  Sure, he can use static electricity to very slowly watch a DVD, but that’s not much fun.  Bart then notices Lisa and Maggie having a fashion show and asks to join them since he is that bored.  Initially, he’s in, but then when he finds out what he’s wearing, he tries to storm out with some leggings wrapped around his ankles.  Too bad he learns from Lisa that she and Maggie, as sisters, share a special bond that Bart, as the only boy, will never know.

Bart at first is unconcerned, but then he has a dream.  In his dream, he goes to Bro-Town, USA, and there are all kinds of happy brothers in there.  The Marx Brothers!  The Blues Brothers!  The Mario Brothers!  The Smith Brothers and their cough drops!  The Wright Brothers!  Sideshow Bob and Cecil!  Guest stars Eli and Peyton Manning play “keep away” from their brother Cooper, also guest starring.  The Smothers Brothers voice themselves, and they get into an argument over whether or not they were fired from their variety show back in the 60s.  But beyond that, it’s just a nice place to be.

Bart wakes up wanting a brother.  He tries asking Homer the next day, but Homer won’t hear of another child.  Besides, girls are easy as long as he doesn’t have to tell them how their bodies work.  Bart asks about his own, and Homer’s advice is “point and shoot”.

The following day, Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph are waiting at the bus stop looking suspiciously like the four boys from South Park while Bart debates how to get himself a brother.  Nelson suggests a romantic dinner.  Ralph agrees, and then gets hit by the school bus.  Otto is worried he killed Kenny.  That was the day before.  Who’s Kenny?

So, Bart tries a big, five course romantic dinner.  Then Homer and Marge eat too much to feel like making love.

Milhouse offers Bart the DVD he says got his parents to conceive him.  It’s about the Karma Sutra.  Marge and Homer try out the mystery disk and hurt themselves.

Does no one remember Homer’s sterile?

The bullies suggest Bart ditch Marge’s birth control, which he does by switching them with Tic Tacs.  The candy bottle flies out a window when Marge catches Bart, and Nelson finds it and thinks he’s got candy.  He’s rather emotional for the rest of the episode.

Marge does explain to Bart that it isn’t right what he’s doing, and besides, even if she were pregnant again, there’s no guarantee she’d have another boy.  It could be a girl.  Cue Bart envisioning the future where Maggie, Lisa, and an unnamed third sister are adults shopping like the women from Sex and the City while Bart carries their purchases.  Then the mystery girl makes a wise crack in returning guest star Kim Cattrall’s voice.  Eep.

Maggie doesn’t say anything.

Well, maybe Bart can guarantee a brother.  He goes down to the local orphanage to adopt a little boy himself.  He can’t exactly do that, but an orphan boy named Charlie (final guest star, Jordan Nagai from Up) follows Bart home and Bart basically tries to keep him by telling Homer he’s a new friend and the kids at school that he’s the long lost Simpson brother who could finally come out in public when the Simpsons were finally able to afford to remove the kid’s second nose.  Everyone but Lisa seems to fall for that.

Yeah, life’s good for Bart.  True, Charlie didn’t like the Saw-like movie Bart snuck him in to, but then Chief Wiggum shows up to take Charlie back to the orphanage.  Bart and Charlie manage to evade Wiggum by digging a snow tunnel to hide in.  Lisa finds them there, but she can’t convince Bart to return Charlie and Charlie can’t convince Bart to let him stay before Barney plows them all in.  He’s apparently still the Plow King.

Fortunately, Homer’s lesson on “point and shoot” allows Bart and Charlie to easily get out of the snow to Lisa’s disgust.

Anyway, Charlie goes back to the orphanage.  He doesn’t stay long.  Bart and Homer arrive to visit just in time to see Charlie go off with his new family that includes six sisters.  It looks like hell for the poor kid.

But at least Bart and Homer can enjoy a cheesy horror movie together.

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