Simpsons Did It!: “Pranks And Greens”

Well, here we are, two very distinct and unconnected plots involving Bart and Marge.

Well, let’s just go with it.

The Marge one is silly and inconsequential.  See, Marge has a baby play group for Maggie, but when she serves snacks and milk from the Kwik-E-Mart, she gets scolded for serving poison from the other moms.  Even Manjula, who apparently only brings one baby to that thing.  Especially Manjula, actually…

So, she tries organic food, but that stuff is expensive and starts to rot before she and Homer even get it to the car.  And then the moms get upset because of how Marge serves food, so she pigs out on Homer’s junk food stash, and the two vow to continue to serve healthy food but only to the kids.

But in the main plot, Bart and Milhouse are planning to prank the school again, and though Bart gets Skinner good multiple times, he is dismayed to learn he is, at best, the best of his era.  There was a better prankster once upon a time, and though Skinner won’t say who it was, he does suggest Bart try to forget about this mystery man who was his better in every conceivable way in terms of pranking.

That just leads Bart to the school newspaper, where he finds that about ten years earlier, there was a two week gap between issues.  Prior to the gap, Skinner was actually cool.  Post gap, he was a tool.  And one photo showed Groundskeeper Willie filling in a swimming pool.  What happened?

Well, if Skinner won’t talk, maybe Willie will.  And with a little prodding, we learn he was once Swimteacher Willie, and he was teaching the Springfield Elementary Swim Team the Edinburgh Crawl.  But then, one Friday, Skinner went swimming.  Had he looked before going off the high dive, he might have noticed someone had replaced all the water with earthworms.  And once submerged in worms, the mystery prankster shut the cover, leaving Skinner trapped there until the following Tuesday thanks to a teacher in-service day on Monday.  When Willie finally let him out, he was the Skinner we all know.  And his first order was to tell the newly re-christened Groundskeeper Willie to fill in the pool.

Who was this prankster?  Willie says his name was Andy Hamilton, and if Bart ever tells Willie who gave Bart that name, Willie will murder that person.  That doesn’t sound very productive…

Anyway, Bart meets the now 19 year old Andy and finds he’s still a prankster.  He’s also living in his mom’s basement and not much else.  He’s also voiced by guest star Jonah Hill.  And Lisa thinks he’s a loser.

Can Bart help him?  Well, he can get a job for Andy from Krusty since Krusty owes Bart a favor for lying during a deposition.  Andy gets made Krusty’s new second assistant, and though he tries to walk away once, Bart gets him to stick with it.  And when he sees a truck full of prank-ready earthworms role into Krusty’s studio, Bart panics and thinks Andy is back to pranking.  Fortunately, he isn’t.  He’s now Krusty’s head writer, and he put his pranking ways behind him.  Possibly because he’s got a hot (by Simpsons standards) girlfriend.

Despite being responsible and having a job, Lisa still thinks he’s a loser because he’s just a TV writer.

But come on!  There are bigger losers than a TV writer.  You could be someone who writes about TV inste…



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