Simpsons Did It!: “The Devil Wears Nada”

So, we have here another episode about marital problems between Marge and Homer.

Excuse me while I sit here being unimpressed.

Of the various plots that keep popping up on The Simpsons, I think Marge and Homer having marital problems may be the one I find more wearying.  I am, like, so over that stuff.

But, let’s play along anyway.  Two things happen.

One is that Marge, as an act for charity, suggests she and her gal pals pose for a sexy calendar to raise money for some cause or other.  It works, in part because the photographer, Springfield’s token reoccurring gay character that isn’t Smithers Julio, gets Marge drunk and she poses for pictures that the show won’t even show us.  But then, about halfway through the episode, when Marge’s calendar is the most popular thing in town, that plot gets forgotten and that’s that.

The other thing is Homer’s never-before-seen supervisor at the Nuclear Plant is retiring, and Mr. Burns opts to promote from within.  He picks Carl since Carl had more sense than Homer or Lenny, as demonstrated by Carl understanding that screwing a lightbulb in tighter can stop flickering from a ceiling lamp.  And though the old guy was a guy who didn’t care that the vending machines were stocked with beer, Carl actually takes the job very seriously and becomes a real taskmaster to Homer, who he inexplicably names his new executive assistant.

So, you know, Homer is run ragged and exhausted, Marge has urges, and Carl forces Homer to relocate to Paris for a period.  Marge is almost tempted by Ned Flanders, but then Homer realizes Carl is screwing around with the First Lady of France and is able to blackmail his way out from under Carl’s thumb.  Apparently, Homer had the president of France on speed dial or something.

So, yeah, Homer and Marge make up.  Big whoop.  Can we see something better next?


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