Deadwood “Here Was A Man”

You know with a title like that, someone is probably dying.

This is Deadwood though, so life is already pretty cheap.

The dead man turns out to be Wild Bill Hickok.  He’s shot in the back by a clearly disturbed man named Jack McCall.  Hickok was gambling at the time.  I will say, the series gave Hickok a good send-off episode.  He actually, you know, does stuff.  He cements a friendship with Seth, takes a job for recent widow Alma Garret, has his only conversation with Swearengen, and wishes the small girl Calamity Jane rescued a pleasant farewell.

And how about Alma?  She’s clearly smarter than she looks.  Her husband is dead so she asks for the 19th century equivalent of an autopsy by asking Doc Cochran his opinion.  He, well, hints strongly but won’t give it.  Meanwhile, Swearengen has known weasel Farnum try to buy back the stake with its huge gold strike.  She…doesn’t say yes.  Instead, she asks Hickok to look into it, and then he asks Seth to take care of it, to her satisfaction.  Something is a little fishy here.

But maybe Swearengen is getting a little bit of good news.  Farnum of all people points out that, hey, maybe not everyone is out to get him, and that just because he has his fingers in so many pies and watches so many people doing things doesn’t mean there aren’t coincidences.

But the bigger bonus?  His competition across the street just admitted someone with some kind of deadly fever that’s probably highly contagious.  Maybe they shouldn’t have shelled out so much to the local newspaper and Doc Cochran to make a good impression.  They might need that money very soon…

But Hickok does die playing cards.  Aces and eights no doubt.  As the town’s biggest celebrity, that means a mob grabs McCall, but the only true mourners for the dead man are Jane and Seth.  Most of those people never got to know the real man, after all.

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