Simpsons Did It!: “Sex, Pies And Idiot Scapes”

Season twenty opens with two questions:  what business can we get Homer and Ned to work together on, and how little can they give Julie-Louis Dreyfus and Joe Mantegna to say as Officer Gloria and Fat Tony without having them say much.

To answer the second, not much, but Snake knocked up Gloria at some point.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, a sober one at that due to Mayor Quimby being tired of drunken rioting wrecking the town every year.  The problem comes when the green-wearing Catholic Irish run into a competing parade from the orange-wearing Protestant Irish.  They even each have their own leprechauns.  And while Lisa does quell the crowd with a round of Irish singing, the riot starts as soon as the song is over.  Marge is rescued from kids stealing her cupcakes by a man who offers them a cabbage instead, and Homer gets arrested.

Homer’s been arrested so many times, he’s given a large bail and told to see a bail bondsman named Lucky Jim (guest star Robert Forster).  Lucky Jim will put up the money provided Homer shows up to court.  If Homer skips, Jim will send out Wolf the bounty hunter.  However, when Jim checked Homer’s employer to find out if Homer had a job, Homer promptly lost his job.  Having no job means Homer can try his hand at bounty hunting.

Marge has a job too, but it’s at an erotic cake shop and she didn’t figure it out right away.

Homer didn’t really need any training to be a bounty hunter, and he tries to bring in Snake, but that just leads to him almost getting shot.  Homer is saved by Ned Flanders coming by with a new sheet of bulletproof glass for the Leftorium.  Since Ned’s  being there worked out well, Homer figures the two would make a good team.  Ned is smart and kind.  Homer is cruel and strong.  Sounds about right.

As it is, Ned only insists that Homer obey the law.  The two do manage to bring in a number of people, but Homer’s reliance on a plastic bag over a suspect’s head gets Ned pretty mad, right up to the moment Fat Tony is brought in.  Homer couldn’t just shame him?  I guess.

At any rate, the partnership breaks up, and Ned agrees to do one last job for Lucky Jim.  Yeah, Homer skipped court.  The other bounty hunters included a guy with a chainsaw, a woman with a machine gun leg, and a bear wielding some raccoons as nunchucks.  That bear is awesome.

So, really, Ned has to do it for Homer’s sake.  That leads to this:

Those two guys parkour the crap out of Springfield.

At any rate, Ned uses being stuck in concrete to recite the Bible, after which Homer will gladly go to jail for a whole day.

As it is, that erotic cake thing worked out for Homer too.  He got sex and cake.  What’s not to like?

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