Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 8/23)

After quite a few questions and rearranging of the reading order last week, Marvel takes it easy on us with just two easily placed books this week.  A Doctor Strange tie-in that follows immediately after the other Doctor Strange issues.  And the penultimate issue of Secret Empire.  Though I’m not sure it really counts as penultimate seeing as there is an Omega issue that follows issue #10.  I just like saying penultimate.

And still no clear answers about how Generations fits into this whole thing.  I imagine they may end up slotting into the middle of issue #10 somewhere, but I will continue to leave them out for now.

  1. Road To Secret Empire [Trade]
  2. Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 [Unbranded]
  3. Uncanny Avengers #22 [Unbranded]
  4. Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 [Unbranded]
  5. Deadpool #31
  6. U.S. Avengers #5 [Opening Salvo]
  7. Thunderbolts #12 [Opening Salvo]
  8. Captain America: Steve Rogers #16 [Opening Salvo]
  9. Secret Empire #0
  10. Mighty Captain Marvel #5
  11. Uncanny Avengers #24
  12. Uncanny Avengers #25
  13. Ultimates2 #7
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #29
  15. U.S. Avengers #6
  16. X-Men: Gold #7
  17. X-Men: Gold #8
  18. Secret Empire: Brave New World #3 (Daily Bugle and Starbrand stories)
  19. Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day 2017
  20. U.S.Avengers #7
  21. Amazing Spider-Man #30
  22. Amazing Spider-Man #31
  23. Avengers #9
  24. Mighty Captain Marvel #6
  25. Mighty Captain Marvel #7
  26. Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 (Giant Man and Gwenpool stories)
  27. Champions #10
  28. Occupy Avengers #8
  29. Occupy Avengers #9
  30. Secret Empire: Brave New World #4 (Misty Knight and Emma Frost stories)
  31. Secret Empire #1
  32. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Patriot story)
  33. Champions #11
  34. U.S.Avengers #8
  35. U.S.Avengers #9
  36. Deadpool #32
  37. Deadpool #33
  38. Deadpool #34
  39. Secret Empire #2
  40. Captain America: Sam Wilson #22
  41. Captain America: Steve Rogers #17
  42. Secret Empire #3
  43. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual (2017)
  44. Avengers #10
  45. Secret Empire: Uprising #1
  46. Doctor Strange #21
  47. Doctor Strange #22
  48. Doctor Strange #23
  49. Doctor Strange #24
  50. Captain America: Sam Wilson #23
  51. Secret Empire #4
  52. Captain America: Steve Rogers #18
  53. X-Men: Blue #7
  54. X-Men: Blue #8
  55. X-Men: Blue #9
  56. Secret Empire: United #1
  57. Secret Empire: Underground #1
  58. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Hydra Bob story)
  59. Secret Empire: Brave New World #5 (Blade and Domino stories)
  60. Secret Empire #5
  61. Secret Empire #6
  62. Secret Empire #7
  63. Captain America: Sam Wilson #24
  64. Captain America: Steve Rogers #19
  65. Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 (Invaders story)
  66. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Invaders story)
  67. Secret Empire: Brave New World #3 (Invaders story)
  68. Secret Empire: Brave New World #4 (Invaders story)
  69. Secret Empire: Brave New World #5 (Invaders story)
  70. Secret Warriors #1
  71. Secret Warriors #2
  72. Secret Warriors #3
  73. Secret Warriors #4
  74. Secret Warriors #5
  75. Captain America #25
  76. Secret Empire #8
  77. Secret Empire #9

That’s it for now.  If anywhere along the way you spot anything missing or incorrect or are wondering why I placed something where I did, feel free to use the comments below or message me directly.


8 thoughts on “Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 8/23)

  1. Hi is the Bucky being alive in Atlantis reveal in secret empire applied by the last invaders story in brave new world 5?

  2. It is. I really struggled with that as I like to keep the largest beats in the main series, but chronologically Brave New World has to come first. In fact, Cap 25 spoils it as well technically as that has to come before Secret Empire #8 as well. But since Cap 25 is an important issue and is more like Secret Empire 7.5, that one didn’t bother me as much. This was one of the reasons I moved Brave New World so close to Cap 25 and Secret Empire #8, so that the spoiler will be minimal. As I mentioned in the last update, it’s one of those things where BNW5 was released after those other two books, so if you are reading the books as they come out, Bucky’s appearance would barely register.

  3. Bnw as whole has been pretty poor and hasn’t contributed much the Emma frost story was totally pointless as she is in another tie in. Anyways thanks for doing this reading order as it’s the best online and reading it in the order it’s published would mess with your head.

    1. Thanks. I found the anthology series of these events (this, Civil War II, Secret Wars, etc.) are generally the weakest books with only the occasional gem.

  4. Why did you put all the secret warriors books together, right before cap 25? it seems to me that only the last book should be in the vicinity, and the others should go earlier, but I’d love to know the reason you did it that way

    1. In general, I mostly agree with you as it does feel earlier and I had them that way for a long time. The problem is that Secret Warriors 5 overlaps with Captain America 25. So, as you said, those books need to be close. But, Secret Warriors 5 is immediately after Secret Warriors 4 which is immediately after Secret Warriors 3, etc. It’s one of those things I had brought up in a separate discussion about these tie-ins that span 4 or 5 issues. While the passage of time of the tie-in series seems minimal, and they often start near the beginning of the event and end near the end of the event, the actual passage of time in the event itself is far greater.

      All that said, while Secret Warriors surely feels earlier, there is really nothing definitive until issue 5 that sets it anywhere in the Secret Empire timeline besides being after the Hydra takeover. U.S.Avengers has some similar issues, but is tied very closely into many of the happenings of the main series. So, while the issues continue one to another, I “had” to split them up to wrap them around the main series.

      The other option which I did a lot of with my Civil War II reading order but have been trying to avoid here as it has mostly been unnecessary would be to split Secret Warriors #5 so that the first four issues and part of 5 take place earlier, and the remainder of 5 takes place concurrently with Cap 25. There is an obvious break that could be used where it is “Two days later” before it gets into the Cap 25 stuff, but I decided not to bother with that.

      In the end, it is personal preference. It also makes for a nicer read of Secret Warriors where you don’t have huge batches of other comics in-between the end of one issue and the beginning of another that are supposed to occur continuously.

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