Talking ‘Bout My Generations: The Best

As usual, the following contains spoilers for Generations: Wolverine And All-New Wolverine.

It’s more of the same for the latest entry from Marvel Generations.  Current younger version of hero travels “back in time” (or whatever is going on with Vanishing Point) to meet up with younger version of namesake hero, have an adventure and a heart to heart and then head back to the “future” (or whatever is going on outside of Vanishing Point).

The Generations books are completely predicable at this point (and are reminding me of DC’s Convergence now that I think about it), but damn if this one isn’t a lot of fun.  Current Wolverine, former X-23 and breakout star of the movie Logan aka Laura finds herself “back in time”.  (I have to keep quoting that because while the characters believe they are time travelling (Laura and Jean Grey in her Generations one shot make explicit reference that they don’t want to disrupt the timestream), we really have no definitive proof.)  Realizing this, she tracks down the currently deceased in the regular Marvel timeline: Logan aka Wolverine.

Thinking he is about to die at the hands of the, well, Hand, Logan is saved by Laura and the two quickly team up to track down Logan’s kidnapped daughter Akiko.  Like the Jean Grey Generations book, I feel like this story has an extra payoff for long time Wolverine readers familiar with Akiko and Mariko and their role in Logan’s history.  For the sake of this story though you don’t really need to know much besides Akiko being Logan’s adopted daughter.

The real joy of this book though is seeing the original Wolverine back in action.  Old Man Logan is a decent enough character and it appears that the Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe has somehow joined up with the X-Men, and even Laura herself taking up the mantle, all fall short of the real thing.  Couple that with the chemistry (is that even a thing for comic characters?) between Logan and Laura and a run of the mill rescue your child from the undead ninja clan story, becomes oh so much more.

The book still gives us no clues as to what Vanishing Point is or how it ties into Secret Empire or Marvel Legacy.  (I’m really expecting there to be one panel in like Secret Empire #10 with an editor’s note that says something like “For what happened here, see the Generations one-shots.”) Unlike the other books though, there appears to be the death of a major character that would have huge ramifications on the Marvel universe.  I don’t want to ruin all the surprises, and I suppose it is possible the character survived, but either way, they were killed by Laura.  Who quickly went from “I can’t tell you anything as I’ll mess up the timestream”, to killing characters and seemingly setting Logan on a different path for his life before she fades away, back to the “present”.  These events give us a more “what happens in Vanishing Point, stays in Vanishing Point” vibe than anything in the Hulk or Jean Grey books.

Fans of Wolverine, old and All-New should enjoy this one and I give it a strong buy recommendation.

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