House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty-Nine”

Is the election over yet?  Man, this feels like it’s going on longer than the real 2016 election…

Look, let’s step away from the politicking for a moment…because we have to.  Sure, we can talk more about Doug’s dull love life, LeAnn’s worries over hacker dude, Durant’s increasing discomfort and borderline rebellion, Sleazy Seth and that reporter guy, Tom Yates hanging around for some reason, or Tom Hammerschmidt plodding along for more evidence the public will conveniently ignore.  Instead, we need to go to…dun dun DUN…The Bunker!

It’s not this cool looking.

Yes, during a meeting between Claire, Durant, and Jane Davis–some sort of Undersecretary with a long, probably inconsequential title, but she’s played by Patricia Clarkson and she’s quirky, so you know she ain’t going anywhere for a while–all those folks plus Frank, Doug, and some National Security types including a general with a mustache (which he probably shouldn’t have since I see military figures all the time and they generally look clean-shaven to me) and a few others are herded into a bunker under the White House.  Why?  Well, a truck with radioactive materials has gone missing and this was just about the time Claire had ordered the assassination of a high ranking member of ICO, the brother of the guy she talked to season four.

By the by, noting they look nothing alike is a potentially nice way of noting the two different actors look nothing alike.

Sure, it looks like ICO is holding Washington D.C. hostage while the attempted hit is going on.  But is it?  Frank and Claire may have been arguing before, but they seem to be united now, knowing evacuating the city will probably cost them the election even if there is only one state that really matters that needs to vote.

But then Frank, who technically has no position, demands to get out.  What happened?  Well, it turned out General Stache is good friends with Conway’s running mate, and, well, the truck isn’t even in terrorist hands.  No evacuations, though that Davis woman is claiming she has connections that can get that terrorist all the way in Syria anyway.

Was this a bottle episode?

As it is, the Underwoods have some dirt on Conway’s campaign manager, the slick dresser Mark Usher.  Will anything come of this?  Or the fact Frank has photos of Yates screwing around with that tour guide in the briefing room?


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