Podcast Reaction: Streaming Stuff Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny, Ryan, and Watson played a really dumb version of ROD that clearly was created without any forethought whatsoever, so it wasn’t a surprise that Watson came up with it.

And I won’t be speaking of anything Game of Thrones aside from point out I had two people in my deathpool on the losing side of that battle.  But Jimmy might want to read more without discussing Watson’s Sandsnake Story.  So, no GoT talk from here on.

Watson’s ideal form of streaming…don’t look too weird at me. This image came up when I did a Google Images search of “sexy streaming”. It doesn’t have to make sense.

So, here’s the thing:  the podcasters were discussing streaming services, like whether or not Netflix outright buying Millarworld will be a good thing.  They all say yes.  I don’t know, but that might have more to do with being less of a Millar fan than Ryan and Jenny.  Most of the stuff I know him for features assholes hedonist committing ultraviolence all over the goddam place, so that may not work so well for me.  Granted, there are exceptions, so maybe I’ll check out something someone recommends if they recommend it right.

Most of the stuff I write about here is streamed, though I may watch Vikings when it comes on since that’s one of the few channels I get with my much-reduced cable package.  I do watch at least something off most of the services I get, with one exception being Acorn, a small service for British TV shows.  My mom uses that one, and since I get to use her FXX to watch The Simpsons, plus it’s my mom, I have no problem paying the $5 a month for Acorn so she can enjoy her old British mysteries.  But I draw the line at places.  I like Star Trek, but there’s no way in hell I’m picking up CBS (a normally free network) for that.  People talk about how streaming services don’t really save money versus cable packages, but I’d actually say they do if you don’t get all of them.  It’s why Netflix didn’t really react too harshly when Disney announced the pull out of the kids stuff.

In the meantime, I’m going to just have to decide if I want to finish Comrade Detective on Amazon Prime.


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