Comic Review: DC Rebirth Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1

I wasn’t too impressed with the first volume of Green Lanterns, one of two Green Lantern titles to premier after DC Rebirth started.

How as the other one, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps?  That book’s first volume, subtitled Sinestro’s Law, brings the Corps and its best known member front and center against one of Hal’s oldest enemies, former Green Lantern Sinestro.

This was actually much, much better than the other book.  It looks like a little bit of backstory is skipped over.  Here’s what I gathered from the reprinted “DC Rebirth” issue:  something caused most of the Green Lantern Corps to vanish from the universe.  Oa is destroyed, most of the Guardians with it.  Somehow, Sinestro’s Yellow Lanterns, often called the Sinestro Corps, have been accepted by much of the universe as the replacement corps operating off the mobile planet Warworld and under the leadership of Sinestro’s daughter Soranik, a doctor and former Green Lantern herself.  Soranik had made the Sinestro Corps respectable as she believes it can be a force for good, but her father appeared to be dying.  He finds a way to revive himself and takes back control of his self-named Corps with the goal of bringing order through fear.  Meanwhile, Hal Jordan was falsely accused of some sort of crimes and stripped of his ring.  Using a prototype of some sort the Guardians left lying around, Hal does the impossible:  he creates his own power ring just from his own willpower, a skill that up to this point only the Guardians had ever held before.  There’s a side effect to this, but Hal thinks he’s the only Green Lantern left.  Now he has a job to do.

Actually, the title should tell you Hal isn’t alone.  John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Mogo, Kilowog, and a host of other Green Lanterns return, their numbers greatly diminished, and they’re ready to do their jobs.  Their rings aren’t working quite right, so they lack long-range communication and don’t know where in space they are, but John’s the leader of the Corps and he dispatches Guy to scout for a few things.

The book works rather well, with writer Robert Venditti (writer for Valiant’s X-O Manowar) giving good scenes to not just Hal, but also Guy and to a lesser extent John.  This is really a book about the Corps, with Hal’s name above the others, but he’s just as much a part of a larger picture as anything else.  The Lanterns have a lot of work to do, first reclaiming their spot in the universe, and then more besides.  The Sinestro Corps was one of the more interesting concepts brought out with Hal’s original return from the dead, and Venditti makes the most of them.  The artwork is handled by a few different people, most notably frequent GL artist Ethan Van Sciver, but there’s a lot of creativity and cosmic spectacle here.  Clearly, this is the stronger Green Lantern title.  Nine out of ten three-faced Yellow Lanterns.

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