Simpsons Did It!: “Midnight Towboy”

In the previous episode, Homer becomes a successful opera singer.

This episode, he becomes a successful tow truck driver.

Both jobs nearly get him killed.

I think I am sensing a pattern.

Marge is concerned because Maggie is really, really clingy.  Like, Marge can’t even remove her infant daughter long enough to get the littlest Simpson off to bed.  The problems continue when there’s some bobbling between baby and bottle and Marge breaks open the milk upon the floor.  Now Homer has to go out and get some more.

And Springfield, for various reasons, is devoid of milk.  The Kwik-E-Mart is out when local teenagers discovered milk was a key ingredient to a barely-workable jet fuel, and Moe isn’t sure if he’s selling milk or paint until Homer samples some (it’s paint).  Homer heads out to multiple other towns like Shelbyville, Ogdenville, and Capitol City, all of which are out of milk, but lucks out when he gets to Guidopolis.  Three guesses what they have there.

If you guessed a tow druck driver who will tow Homer’s car away, and said driver is voiced by guest star Matt Dillon, you’d be right.  Or you’ve seen this one.

As it is, chatting with Louie the driver gives Homer the bright idea of being his own boss with his own tow truck, so he buys an old one off Louie for $500 and heads back to Springfield.  All he had to do was promise to stay out of Louie’s territory.

While all this is going on, Marge enrolls Maggie in a special program to make her more independent.

As it is, Homer, who just parks the cars he tows on his own lawn, is really good at keeping the peace for cars, but he’s a bit tow happy and isn’t above bringing in a traffic helicopter.  He’s so good that the other people of Springfield plot against him.  What can stop a rogue tow truck driver?  Another one since those guys are really territorial.

That just means setting up a car in a handicap zone with a fake border sign has Homer unknowingly cross back into Guidopolis to tow a car, and that has Louie come out mad as hell.  Louie kidnaps Homer, tosses him with some other hapless tow truck drivers into his basement, and forces Homer to call home and explain why he won’t be coming back, well, ever.

It’s a good thing Maggie is so independent now.  He saddles up Santa’s Little Helper, rides off to Guidopolis, and manages to get Homer out of Louie’s basement.  She saved Homer again.

And then, once home, she want back to Marge, letting her mother feel wanted and appreciated.

Maggie truly is the most underrated of all Simpsons.

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