House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty-Eight”

And I thought the 2000 presidential election was never-ending…

Yeah, Claire won that Senate vote, so she’s acting president, and while Frank tells the camera he’s proud of her (and general rule of drama says a character cannot lie directly to the audience like that), it’s clear that hey, the Underwoods are clashing over leadership.  Again.  Yes, Frank expects to take charge and others do too.  Yes, Claire hesitates before granting Frank security clearance.  But that’s par for the course for the Underwoods.

I mean, we see Will Conway is, like, losing it badly.  Really badly.  We’ve seen Frank’s opponents wilt and dither about, but Will is taking in a whole new flavor of extreme frustration over how Frank is somehow still politically alive to a new level with what looks like a sprinkling of PTSD.  Losing it in his own plane, having a running mate and a campaign manager who doubt him, getting lost in some sort of ridiculous VR headset, and the total disaster that was the meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus…he looks nothing like the poised and confident man of season four.  Whatever secret he has, I’m sure that’s how he’s brought down.  And he will be brought down.  Re-votes in two states were agreed upon by all parties.

And is Tom Yates living in the White House right now?  He seems to just wander around acting tender with Claire when he isn’t screwing around with younger tour guides in the press room.  Um, do people know who he is?  I’m very confused by all this.  Besides, I have to remind myself this is the same actor who played the giggling weasel mobster guy in Boardwalk Empire.  I never would picked him as “sexy writer guy”.

Meanwhile, Tom Hammerschmidt continues to plod along, the hacker dude is being held by the Russians in a clumsy Edward Snowden parallel storyline, and God only knows whose side the Secretary of State is on.

And yet, I type this the day after the Comey hearing, and it’s still not as weird as real life.

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