Game Of Pranks: Watson Edition

Game of Thrones fans heard the news last week that the fourth episode of season 7 had leaked online.  Curious, I investigated and discovered it to be true.  Purely as an intellectual exercise of course, and to avoid spoilers.  I’m still a proud HBO subscriber.  When I offered the opportunity for Watson to pursue the same intellectual exercise, he declined.

At which point, a prank was born.

Lady Mormont loves a good prank.

Knowing how much Watson (and I) hate spoilers, but also knowing that if I did anything too overt he would immediately know I was joking, I instead contacted one of Watson’s friends and fan of the show, Phil.  Phil knows about our Game of Thrones Death Draft, and even participated in the Dream Team edition, so all of this would make sense in context.  I messaged him on Twitter…

He was in!  The first message was sent.

Fun side note, Watson has a first name!

And Watson was…less than thrilled as he revealed back to Phil.

Those ellipses have so…much…tension…..

Privately, Watson was livid.

The blurred parts are where Watson…filled in the ellipses…

I had to resist so much to not give the prank away.  But we weren’t done yet.  We could go at least one more round!  I messaged Phil.

Phil converted the message and sent it.

At this point, I’m dying worse than [REDACTED].  And I’m hoping it all holds together for one more day so I can reveal it all right before the episode airs.  But apparently, Watson exerted some…pressure on Phil, who then revealed the prank.  He then revealed what he knew in his usual Watson style.

And so the prank was up.  But still, a fair amount of fun.  And this won’t come back to haunt Watson at all.  NOT AT ALL.

Watson’s past never comes back to haunt him. Not once.







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