Simpsons Did It!: “You Kent Always Say What You Want”

400 Simpsons episodes…and what do I have to show for it?  Jimmy’s admiration and respect.  That’s not easy to get from a Canadian.

I’ll have to do something special for next time.  Not this time, though.  We’ve got the season 18 finale right here for now.

Marge actually has to run home with Maggie to get the family out to the dentist, but to get there we get this sequence that reminded me of one of my favorite comedies, namely Raising Arizona.

Yeah, the best I could do was someone who clearly just aimed a video camera at his TV set…

Anyway, Marge gets everyone to the dentist, and there’s some kind of tooth protection video featuring guest star Ludacris, but the family gets their teeth cleaned and that means they need to immediately go out for ice cream, and that’s where Homer wins a prize for buying the millionth cone at that location.  And that somehow leads to Homer getting interviewed by Kent Brockman on the local news.  Brockman doesn’t believe it either.

Does Homer somehow mess this whole thing up?  Yes, he spills hot coffee on Kent’s lap, causing the anchorman to shout out a swearword that was too awful than for the show to do more than hint at.  Even Bart doesn’t want to say it out loud when Marge asks.  At first, everything is fine because no one watches late night TV news anymore, but then  you know some religious type with too much time on his hands will issue a complaint.

Cue Ned Flanders.  Ned was just catching up…

After being hit with a massive fine by the FCC, Kent is first demoted and then fired.  He moves in with the Simpsons because apparently he didn’t have a house of his own, but he gets to see firsthand how much Fox News gets Homer mad at liberals while Fox Broadcasting makes him “woo hoo!”  Lisa doesn’t get why Fox News and Fox Broadcasting seem to run programming that is the opposite of itself until Brockman explains that Fox does it on purpose to channel shifty donations to the Republican Party, something every journalist knows but can’t say anything about…until now that Kent is out of work.

With his video going viral, talking about how the media is in the pocket of big business interests and the like, it was only a matter of time before Kent got his job back with a 50% pay raise to the utter disappointment of Lisa.  But she and Homer got all kinds of dirt on Fox.  Too bad someone kept dubbing over their secrets.  They sounded awful.

Was there a lesson to Season 18?  Of course not.  This isn’t The Wire.


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