Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 7/28)

Secret Empire has had a few advantages over the last large Marvel crossover Civil War II.  For one, it actually makes some kind of sense. It is more enjoyable to read the main series and the tie-ins have been fewer and generally of some significance or are related to the main story, unlike many of the Civil War II crossovers.

From a reading order standpoint Secret Empire has also been much kinder in terms of being able to fill in the gaps in the main book with the tie-ins, without feeling the need to hack and slash the main book around them.  I’m sure there are places you could attempt to do that to a degree, but it really hasn’t been necessary yet, whereas Civil War II screamed for it.  Well…at least to me…among the other voices in my head.

For example, Captain America: Sam Wilson #24 mostly takes place during Secret Empire #7, but I don’t think you need to shoehorn it in between pages, and can be read after the main book.

Another example that is a bit messier is between Mighty Captain Marvel #6-7 and All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual.  The Guardians book appears to occur after Mighty Captain Marvel #6, and while not explicitly stated, during the first half of Mighty Captain Marvel #7.  But since issues 6 and 7 flow mostly continuously together, it would be awkward to place the annual in the middle of issue 7 somewhere.  So I’ve left it after.  There might be a bit of a continuity disconnect when reading, but it’s not too bad.  Also, all this might change when Mighty Captain Marvel #8 comes out and throws another monkey wrench into the works.

  1. Road To Secret Empire [Trade]
  2. Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 [Unbranded]
  3. Uncanny Avengers #22 [Unbranded]
  4. Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 [Unbranded]
  5. Deadpool #31
  6. U.S. Avengers #5 [Opening Salvo]
  7. Thunderbolts #12 [Opening Salvo]
  8. Captain America: Steve Rogers #16 [Opening Salvo]
  9. Secret Empire #0
  10. Mighty Captain Marvel #5
  11. Uncanny Avengers #24
  12. Uncanny Avengers #25
  13. Ultimates2 #7
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #29
  15. U.S. Avengers #6
  16. X-Men: Gold #7
  17. X-Men: Gold #8
  18. Secret Empire: Brave New World #3 (Daily Bugle and Starbrand stories)
  19. Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day 2017
  20. U.S.Avengers #7
  21. U.S.Avengers #8
  22. Amazing Spider-Man #30
  23. Avengers #9
  24. Mighty Captain Marvel #6
  25. Mighty Captain Marvel #7
  26. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual (2017)
  27. Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 (Invaders story)
  28. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Invaders story)
  29. Secret Empire: Brave New World #3 (Invaders story)
  30. Secret Empire: Brave New World #4 (Invaders story)
  31. Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 (Giant Man and Gwenpool stories)
  32. Champions #10
  33. Secret Warriors #1
  34. Secret Warriors #2
  35. Secret Warriors #3
  36. Secret Warriors #4
  37. Occupy Avengers #8
  38. Occupy Avengers #9
  39. Secret Empire: Brave New World #4 (Misty Knight and Emma Frost stories)
  40. Secret Empire #1
  41. Deadpool #32
  42. Deadpool #33
  43. Deadpool #34
  44. Secret Empire #2
  45. Captain America: Sam Wilson #22
  46. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Patriot story)
  47. Captain America: Steve Rogers #17
  48. Secret Empire #3
  49. Secret Empire: Uprising #1
  50. Doctor Strange #21
  51. Doctor Strange #22
  52. Doctor Strange #23
  53. Captain America: Sam Wilson #23
  54. Secret Empire #4
  55. Captain America: Steve Rogers #18
  56. X-Men: Blue #7
  57. X-Men: Blue #8
  58. Secret Empire: United #1
  59. Secret Empire: Underground #1
  60. Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 (Hydra Bob story)
  61. Secret Empire #5
  62. Secret Empire #6
  63. Secret Empire #7
  64. Captain America: Sam Wilson #24
  65. Captain America: Steve Rogers #19

That’s it for now.  If anywhere along the way you spot anything missing or incorrect or are wondering why I placed something where I did, feel free to use the comments below or message me directly.


One thought on “Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 7/28)

  1. These updates are fantastic, and have made reading the crossover so easy! Interesting that the vast majority of crossovers take place before SE1, keeping the main Spencer-written narrative pretty straightforward and clutter-free. Next week is a bit of a drought, though — only 2 crossovers! BTW, the Jessica Jones story (starting in #7 and going through #12) is a case involving Maria Hill, not really tied into the event and seeming to all take place prior to the start of SE.

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