Simpsons Did It!: “Homerazzi”

Man, that episode title is just awful.

But hey, before we go any further, this was the couch gag, though Marge’s line at the end was a little different:

Yeah, that’s pretty neat.

Anyway, the entire affair for this episode began on Homer’s birthday.  Homer was too weak to blow out the candles, which is out of shape even for an American.  When he passes out, his party hat catches fire, and the family has to call the fire department for the sixth time that month.  A firefighter suggests getting a fireproof safe to protect their valuables.  That seems like a good idea, but then the contents of the inside of the safe catch fire and explode.  Marge lost her photo album, and before you know it, the Simpsons are recreating all their lost photos.  And then, in the background of one, is Duffman out on the town with TV hostess Booberella.  And he was in a committed gay relationship and everything!

Well, Homer takes the photo down to a local tabloid where the editors sounds exactly like J.K. Simmons, mostly because it was the voice of J.K. Simmons.  He’ll willingly buy more photos from Homer, enough to make Homer moderately rich.  Homer likes the idea of being able to rent anything he needs and goes for it.

Actually, Homer’s pretty good at it.  He gets shots of the Rich Texan’s daughter Paris Texan being rude to Bart, Drederick Tatum punching Homer in the face, and even parks his butt outside a dry cleaner where the likes of Yao Ming, Gary Coleman, Paul McCartney and other past guest stars come out, but Homer’s mad none of them think they’re good enough to say hi.  You know, except for guest star Betty White, whose actually very friendly to Homer and asks about the family, including the dog.  Betty White is awesome.

But after crashing Rainier Wolfcastle’s wedding to the mayor’s niece, the local celebrities have had enough.  They go out and hire a real tabloid photographer, Enrico Irritazio (final guest star Jon Lovitz), to follow Homer around and take the Simpson patriarch’s picture.  Somehow this gets made into a special issue of its own, showing Homer using a fire hydrant outside to take a shower and letting Maggie drive while he threatened someone.  Is this the end of Homer’s career taking celebrity photographs?

Not really.  He’s encouraged by Lenny, Carl, and Moe to try again, and gets a lot of shots at a celebrity party, including some moderately disturbing ones involving Mayor Quimby and Kent Brockman, but opts to not publish any of them if all the people inside will just stop taking the public for granted by doing things like signing the occasional autograph or supporting a charity before someone they know needs something for that particular cause.  Everyone agrees.

And then Wolfcastle steals Marge’s script idea.  It’s Marge, so she’s only a little upset by that.

So, yay?


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