Simpsons Did It!: “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times”

Well, looks like another anthology.  What’s this one about?


While out for a family drive, Homer gets cut off in traffic by the Rich Texan.  That sounds exactly like something that jerk would do, but all that gets is Homer desiring…REVENGE!!

To talk him out of it, the other Simpsons tell tales of…REVENGE!!! that all went wrong.

Marge starts off with a Simpsonized version of The Count of Monte Cristo.  Bitter Frenchman Moe frames Homer for treason, sending the poor guy away to jail.  The life sentence doesn’t seem so bad at first since Homer is already alive, but then he finds out he has to serve it in jail.  While on his island prison, where torture may or may not happen since uncertainty is the worst torture of all, Moe marries Marge and becomes father to Bart and Lisa.  Sure, Monsieur Burns will give Homer a way out and a fortune to get his…REVENGE!!!! but that won’t work if Homer waits five years to pull it off only to find Marge and the kids actually like Moe better.

That story doesn’t work on Homer in the car.

Lisa tries next with a story about Milhouse getting a glove that does to bullies what they usually do to nerds, but he goes mad with power until he tosses it away.  But Nelson was out with the mumps, so he gets the glove to torture Milhouse with.  Best watch out, Milhouse.  That thing decapitated Groundkeeper Willie.

That story doesn’t work on Homer either.

Bart, meanwhile, opts to tell how Bartman began, where a boy billionaire lost his parents and then got trained to fight crime by Grampa until he could find the man who killed his parents and get…REVENGE!!!!!  That turns out to be the Serpent, AKA Snake.  So, in this one instance…REVENGE!!!!!! worked out well for the protagonist.

By this time, Homer and the Texan have basically become stargazing friends, so I guess the moral of the story is if you want Homer to not look for…REVENGE!!!!!!! then tell him a story where it seems to work out pretty well.


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