Simpsons Did It!: “Ice Cream Of Margie (With The Light Blue Hair)”

Wow.  Marge is good at yet another form of artistic expression.  And it wasn’t that long ago where that talent was in carpentry.

Homer is goofing off at work again, so Mr. Burns threatens to fire him.  That’s probably a Thursday for Homer at this point, but the thing that forces the follow-through for the old man is Homer hearing his favorite ice cream truck go by.  And after licking Burns, he runs off to get some ice cream from the elderly driver.  Homer asks for change for a hundred, and the old man collapses of a heart attack as he drops Homer’s change out of his coin belt one quarter at a time.

So, Homer’s dream is to drive the ice cream truck.  The old man’s widow is actually interested in selling the truck since she has nothing left but her lover and that truck and she never found much interest in her husband’s profession.  Homer’s flush with severance pay, so of course he’ll buy the truck. He even has Otto detail it into something cool, and before you know it, Homer’s selling ice cream to hot kids all over town.

Marge, meanwhile, realizes there’s nothing there to remember her by after watching an Oprah-like talk show.  But Homer’s new profession means there’s an abundance of one thing lying around now:  popsicle sticks.  And it turns out, Marge is pretty good at putting those together into lifelike replicas of people.  She soon has a number of them made of people from all over Springfield, and even catches the eye of Kent Brockman when Springfield’s apparently only TV reporter these days spots the art in the Simpsons’ backyard while covering a high-speed police chase.

And so, Marge has a show, and she asks Homer to show up, but Homer is almost late since he sees a divorced dad picnic and realizes those desperate guys will of course buy love, er, ice cream for their children.  Homer rushes home, but he can’t stop the truck in time and wrecks all of Marge’s sculptures.  Now she’s mad at him again.

Homer does get forgiveness when he says bringing the sticks home for Marge to create art with was his favorite part of his new job, and Marge makes a 20 foot statue of Homer in his underpants as a tribute to her flawed husband.  A flash forward 200 years tells us that Marge’s giant statue is the last example of any form of Western art left since iPods rose and took over the world as a way to pass the time since they don’t actually need anything from humans.  They just like whipping people.

Man, this episode doesn’t seem very funny as I write it up.  Maybe we’ll have a better one next time that doesn’t do references to Da Ali G Show.


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