House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty-Four”

You know, that stuff with the computer hacker…I don’t quite remember what that dude was doing exactly aside from counterespionage against Conway and his people, but he did kind of come in handy as Frank and Claire have maybe put a knife in the Conway campaign.

Seriously, was that thing with the Google knock-off much of a thing?  There was a lot I didn’t get about that.  Conway revealing in season four that, yes, he was monitoring all the usage of the faux Google made people use it more?  That seems…wrong.

But after Frank staged the death of a terrorist he secretly executed and ramped up the talk of declaring war on, again, a non-state actor, I think what this episode did better than any other besides show how to properly build a fire in the Oval Office is show just how much the Presidency can be used as a bully pulpit.  Granted, Frank using blatant manipulation to work the vote in a few swing states seems out of bounds, but he already secretly had a man executed without a trial, and he’s personally murdered at least two people.  So, yeah, this is small potatoes.

So, with all the other things swirling around here, like how Secretary of State Durant wants to buck Frank’s decision to close the borders in the name of fighting terrorism while Vice President Donald Blythe is apparently fine with it for purely political reasons, or how Frank has the nation’s governors to the White House to discuss the terrorism problem and leaves the room for a minute only for Conway to take over the meeting, or even how Frank’s “special” friend from his military school days apparently died and he’s said nothing so far, what stuck out most to me was how the hacker guy had to shut down the D.C. internet for a bit to delete files the NSA wanted or something, and Frank was able to use that as proof of a terrorist attack (one he orchestrated) to get a couple more governors onboard.

But since one of those governors he needed was former Vice President Matthews, he just cut a deal with that guy before he went to give…so-so testimony to Congress.

Conway, meanwhile, looks foolish on TV when the National Guard shows up before he can take his kids trick-or-treating.

Yeah, he ain’t much of an opponent.

Now what’s up with Sleazy Seth being seduced to drinks by Hammerschmidt’s new reporter?


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