Game Of Thrones Death Pool: Dream Team Edition (You Could Win A Prize!)

Game of Thrones changed the landscape of television drama by making us truly afraid our favorite characters were going to die.  In that first season, it was shocking when characters we’d grown to admire suddenly lost their head.  As the seasons wore on, we grew accustomed to the permanent risk of death.  We’re almost numb to it.  But now we have a game to make you feel something again.  Play this game and suddenly Game of Thrones characters living and dying will take on a whole new level of importance.  It isn’t just the story anymore…now there are points involved!  And a prize too!  Come join the fun!

Last week, the Gabbing Geek podcast held a live draft for our classic Fantasy Game of Thrones Death Draft version.  It was a hotly contested battle that also generated some heated analysis by our listeners.  The draft version is a fun way to play if you have a finite number of players, and the drafting itself takes on a whole new level of strategy.  But this version of the game allows everyone to play, even you reading this article right now. Yes, YOU.  And there’s a prize for the winner!  Think you’ve got what it takes to assemble the ultimate Game of Thrones Death Pool Dream Team and win the fabulous prize?  Prove it.

Here are the rules for the game:

  1. You must select seven (7) characters/creatures in Game of Thrones.  Characters must have some kind of name, be it person or dragon or direwolf or other animal.   You will only score points if that character or creature dies.
  2. If you select a character/creature that is currently dead then they must be brought back to life and killed again to score.  If you’re still not sure who to pick, here is the full list of alive characters according to the Game of Thrones Wiki.  We will use the Wiki as the determination of Alive or Dead status.
  3. Selected characters or creatures score if we see them die or another character informs us they have died.  Flashbacks to deaths we already know about from the series do not count.
  4. The longer a character or creature stays alive, the more Death Points they generate.  Your perfect dream team consists of seven characters/creatures that all die in episode 7 (the season finale).  But if they make it to the end of the season finale without dying, they are worth 0 points.  Every episode is worth a point, so selected characters/creatures are worth:
    • 1 Death Point if they die in episode 1
    • 2 Death Points if they die in episode 2
    • 3 Death Points if they die in episode 3
    • 4 Death Points if they die in episode 4
    • 5 Death Points if they die in episode 5
    • 6 Death Points if they die in episode 6
    • 7 Death Points if they die in episode 7
  5. If a characters/creature comes back to life and dies again, they score additional Death Points for any subsequent deaths.  You do not lose Death Points if a dead character or creature on your team is brought back to life.
  6. Your selected characters/creature’s Final Score will be determined by multiplying their Death Points by the order in which you place the character/creature on your team according to the list below.  You have seven roster slots and each one is worth a different amount in terms of a score multiplier.  So, for example, looking at the table below, if I select Brienne of Tarth as my first roster slot and she dies in episode 6, my Final Score for that slot will be 6 Death Points x 7 multiplier = 42 points.  If you selected Brienne as well but put her in your fourth slot, you would only score 24 points since that roster slot’s multiplier is 4.  Here is the roster slot multiplier list:
    • First roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 7
    • Second roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 6
    • Third roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 5
    • Fourth roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 4
    • Fifth roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 3
    • Sixth roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 2
    • Seventh roster slot’s Final Score = Death Points x 1
  7. You may enter a team whenever you like by commenting on this post.  However, after every episode has aired you lose roster slots in order of multiplier.  So, after the first episode has aired, you may only submit a team of 6 players and your top ranked player will only have a multiplier of 6.  After episode 2 has aired you can only submit a team of 5 players and your top player has a multiplier of 5 and so on.

You may pick the same characters or creatures as anyone else but you’ll probably want to put them in a different order to maximize your points.

And just to make it interesting, there’s going to be a fabulous prize for the winner.  If we have a tie for the winning score then one of the top scoring teams will be picked at random to receive the prize.

You may only enter one team.

Spend some time coming up with your Game of Thrones Death Pool Dream Team and then post it in the comments below.  Just be sure to do it before the first episode airs or you’ll lose a slot!  Good luck to you all.

Valar morghulis.


Gabbing Geek co-founder, podcaster

35 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Death Pool: Dream Team Edition (You Could Win A Prize!)

  1. 1. Ser Davos
    2. Grey Worm
    3. Petyr Baelish
    4. Theon Greyjoy
    5. Ellaria Sand
    6. Podrick
    7. Eddison Tollett

  2. 1. Ellaria Sand
    2. Jorah Mormont
    3. Melisandre
    4. Theon Greyjoy
    5. Peytr Baelish
    6. Tara Greyjoy
    7. Cersei Lannister

  3. 1. Cersei
    2. Thoros of Myr (not to be confused with Thoros of Long Island)
    3. Theon Greyjoy
    4. Beric Dondarrion
    5. Nymeria Sand (story available upon request)
    6. Meera Reed
    7. Dolores Edd


      1. Correct on both fronts (I was on edge of seat for Jaime too!). And with a combined score of 55 points you are the winner! I’ll find a time to connect with you at school or drop off your prize somewhere if you have a desk in a journal/whatever. Winner!!

  4. I didn’t listen to the podcast yet just to make sure it wouldn’t influence me. I also predict additional characters I care about will die but I’m not brave enough to add them here.

    1. Sansa Stark
    2. Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger
    3. Jorah Mormont
    4. Ser Davos Seaworth
    5. Any Dragon
    6. Jaime Lannister
    7. Little Sam (because I’m an ass)

  5. 1. Cersei Lannister
    2. Jamie Lannister
    3. Brienne of Tarth
    4. Podrick Payne
    5. Theon Greyjoy
    6. Meera Reed
    7. Euron Greyjoy

  6. 1. Peter Dinklage (but only in real life – cursed for playing fantasy islands tattoo)
    2. Arya Stark (mistakenly offs herself after reading wrong list)
    3. Jaimie Lannister (but not before losing other hand)
    4. Dragon (chokes on fire wolf)
    5. Cersei
    6. Danarys
    7. Jon snow (again)

    Show over…surprise…no season 8 after all.

    Love GEorge.

  7. I know I’m going to regret this order…

    1. Edd Tollett
    2. Cersei Lannister
    3. Beric Dondarrion
    4. The Mountain that Rides (mostly dead version)
    5. Benjen “Coldhands” Stark
    6. Greyworm
    7. Tormond Giantsbane

    1. 18 points for Benjen. With two near misses as well.
      We need to have the Hound kill the Mountain at the parley, then Jaime kill Cersei when she refuses to yield.
      I think the Night King hits Castle Black instead of Eastwatch next. With his new mount, they take out Edd.

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