Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XVII”

Hey, look, an opening where Mr. Burns is the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt!

And then a story with a lot of Iraqi Freedom references!

That sort of stuff never ages poorly!

Yup, it’s spooky anthology time again.  First up, Homer eats a green blob from outer space and turns into a green blob himself, one that starts eating every fat person he can get his hands on, except for Chief Wiggum for some reason.  What can stop that ridiculous thing that has its own theme song in the form of a rewritten tune about how a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot likes large posteriors and could not possibly fib about such matters?

Kinda cool of Sir Mix there to do the new version about eating fat people.

Oh, yeah, another guest star stops Homer.  Dr. Phil works with Marge to shame Homer into not eating everyone.  Though, to be fair, Homer didn’t eat Flanders.  He just bit his neighbor’s head off and tossed the rest.  And he did eat Dr. Phil, so we should probably be grateful.  Homer ends up as an impromptu homeless shelter that eats the homeless, and it looks like even the homeless don’t mind.

Next up, Bart swipes a golem from Krusty.  Lisa gets the idea to give it a speech command so it can talk.  And it sounds like guest star Richard Lewis because, well, it was guest star Richard Lewis’ voice.  It turns out the golem hates killing.  He has, like, guilt and everything.  What to do?  Well, first they can build a lady golem out of Play-Doh and bring her to life, because apparently anyone can do that.  Then they can give it a voice, and it sounds just like guest star Fran Drescher. and so we get a Jewish wedding with Rabbi Krustofski that even gets the golem out of murder charges by offering the buffet to Wiggum.  Bart did have it kill Skinner after all.

And finally, we go back to 1938, where no one can see why that Depression is so great.  Maurice LaMarche’s Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds causes the citizens of Springfield to panic, and since they figure only humans are being killed, if they roll around naked in the mud and pretend to be animals, then they’d have nothing to fear.  Then Lisa comes along and tells everyone it was all a hoax.  Then Kang and Kodos come along and despite Welles’ insistence that this was a real invasion, the two aliens manage to take over Springfield and make some references to the Iraq War that are more sobering than funny.

So, yeah, that’s all I have to say about that.


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