Our Fantasy Game Of Thrones Death Draft

If you’d like to hear the whole process about how we made our picks during the live draft of our Gabbing Geek Fantasy Game Of Thrones Death Draft, the podcast episode is now live.  But if you just want to see the results or check out scoring throughout the season, this is the article for you!

First, a recap of the rules:

  1. Draft order is Tom, Ryan, Watson, Jenny (then reverse for odd-numbered rounds in snake draft format).
  2. You may draft any character or named creature in Game of Thrones.  If you draft an already dead character/creature they must be brought back to life and killed again to score.  Full list of alive characters available on the Game of Thrones Wiki and we will use the Wiki as the determination of Alive or Dead status.
  3. Drafted characters/creatures will score the first time we see them die or another character mentions they are dead (confirming they died off camera) and their current status is Alive on the wiki.  Scores will be:
    • 1 point if they die in episodes 1 or 2
    • 2 points if they die in episodes 3 or 4
    • 3 points if they die in episode 5
    • 4 points if they die in episode 6
    • 5 points if they die in episode 7
  4. If a characters/creature comes back to life and dies again, they score again for any subsequent deaths.  You do not lose points if a dead character on your team is brought back to life.

Based on these rules, the live draft was conducted with the following results:

Gabbing Geek Fantasy Game of Thrones Death Draft

1Jaime LannisterJorah MormontCersei LannisterPetyr "Littlefinger" Baelish
2HodorThoros of Myr - DEAD (Episode 6)MelisandreBeric Dondarrion
3Nymeria (Direwolf)"Dolores" Eddison TollettMeera ReedGregor "The Mountain" Clegane
4Euron GreyjoyYara GreyjoyTheon GreyjoyEdmure "Not A Greyjoy" Tully
5Randyll Tarly - DEAD (Episode 5)Brienne of TarthGrey WormTormund Giantsbane
6GendrySepta UnellaWyman ManderlyRhaegel
7Ser PounceGillyNymeria Sand - DEAD (Episode 2)Robin Arryn

Current Scores: (check back for scoring details as the season unfolds!)

Tom: 3 (Randyll Tarly, Episode 5)

Ryan: 4 (Thoros of Myr, Episode 6)

Watson: 1 (Nymeria Sand, Episode 2)

Jenny: 0



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