Black Mirror “The Entire History Of You”

The featured star for this episode is Toby Kebbell.  I kept having a feeling I’d seen the guy before but wasn’t sure who he was until I checked the cast list.  That might explain a few things.  He was among the apes in a recent Planet of the Apes movie, did a decent job in the subpar Warcraft movie as the main orc, played Dr. Doom in the subpar Fantastic Four movie…basically, the guy’s been in a lot of stuff I’ve seen where there was CGI over his face.

Oh, he also played a human in the recent Kong: Skull Island.

Kebbell here plays Liam, a lawyer, coming out of an interview of some kind.  There’s a popular form of technology that allows people to replay memories for their personal perusal or on a video monitor.  After the interview, Liam reviews a single sentence showing he is probably overthinking what someone said to him.

That’s Liam’s biggest problem.  He over-analyzes, and the ability to “redo” memories means he can go back and do that over and over again.

As it is, after the interview, Liam goes to a dinner party.  His wife Ffion is already there, chatting with a man named Jonas.  Jonas turns out to be something of a jerk who rubs Liam the wrong way, but he can’t stop analyzing his wife’s interactions with the man.  The two fight over it when they get home to relieve the babysitter for their infant daughter, and even a bit of late night sex doesn’t seem to help when both partners are playing back a more exciting lovemaking session for their rather tame actual sex.

But Liam doesn’t let anything go.  He first learns Jonas was an ex-lover of Ffion’s.  Then he learns they dated much longer than she had initially said.  Then he gets drunk and goes over to Jonas’ place and beats him up until Jonas agrees to delete all the saved memories of Ffion.  He did mention the night before he likes to replay old conquests for his own personal, Watson-ish enjoyment.  Then Liam sees Ffion and Jonas had hooked up 18 months earlier.  That would be during a period where he and Ffion were married and he’d walked out after a fight.  She’s gotten drunk and taken Jonas home.  And Liam’s insistence on seeing the memory on the screen shows Jonas probably wasn’t wearing protection.

Liam’s baby might not be his baby.

He might have been much happier if he’d learned to let things go.

The episode ends with a cut to black when Liam, now living alone in the house, goes into the bathroom after reviewing much happier memories to cut the device out of his head.  What does it mean?  It means instant recall probably doesn’t make your life better.

I am loving this show, but it sure is tragic and cynical about human nature.

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