Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XVI”

Man, I never know how to write up these anthologies.

This is the sixteenth Halloween show.  You’d think I would have figured it out by now.

I mean, we start off with Kang and Kodos using an excelo-ray on the World Series and end up sucking the universe, including God, down a hole and wiping everything out.  And then they say that’s the only way the Cubs could win.  There’s another joke that aged weirdly.

But really, it’s just a trilogy of silliness that may or may not be parodying some scary movie or something.  The first segment sees Bart go into a coma and get replaced by a robot.  Bart wakes up, and sure enough the robot is better at everything than Bart.  So, you know, Bart cannibalizes other robots to take out his replacement brother David.  Was A.I. Artificial Intelligence really considered scary?  I didn’t think so.  Granted, the whole thing turns out to be a dream Homer has while he’s possessed by the devil, and man, The Exorcist is scary.

Then there’s one where Mr. Burns is hunting the men of Springfield for sport.  His lawyer even made sure it was legal, then Burns killed the lawyer.  Homer was the last man standing, unless you count guest star Terry Bradshaw acting as color commentator for the broadcast.  Fox will run anything.  Marge makes sure Homer survives with a well-aimed frying pan.

And then there’s something about a witch that gets mad when the city takes back her prize for best Halloween costume since she wasn’t actually wearing one.  So, she curses everyone to become their costume, even poor Hans Moleman who wasn’t wearing one.  Maggie was dressed like a witch, so she can turn everyone back, except half the town likes being what the witch turned them into and the other half doesn’t, so Maggie turns them all into giant, talking pacifiers including guest star Dennis Rodman.  Rodman was only there for community service purposes anyway when they were discussing the horrors of adult illiteracy.

So, yeah, there’s another Halloween show down.  Be careful with those excelo-rays, everybody.

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