Simpsons Did It!: “The Girl Who Slept Too Little”

I know I sometimes come down on Lisa-based episodes, but this one remembered Lisa is eight years old and not a short adult.  I appreciate that sort of thing.

Something is being built in the Simpsons’ neighborhood, namely a stamp museum.  Does anybody want a stamp museum?  Well, no.  And unless I miss my guess, they’re building it over Ruth Powers’ house, so probably a good thing we don’t really see her anymore.

But Homer rallies the neighborhood against all that sort of thing and they manage to successfully get the post office to move the museum.  Instead, the museum will go where the Springfield Cemetery is located, and the graveyard is moved to the former location of the museum.  And those guys are thorough!  They bring in the ravens, damaged tombstones, and even make the gate squeak.

Now, I’m not sure the exact layout of the Simpson house, or even where exactly the cemetery is in relation to the Simpsons house, but somehow Lisa’s room is the only one overlooking the thing.  And after some taunting from Bart, logical Lisa starts to get really scared.  She thinks she sees Groundskeeper Willy working there, but it turns out to be his cousin Gravedigger Billy.  He’s, er, burying a guy alive from the looks of things.  Later he appears to be trying to do that to his cousin Willy.  Someone should look into that guy.

Scared, Lisa asks to sleep in Homer and Marge’s bed, but it doesn’t really get any better, even after a trip the stamp museum, where Lenny is making a mint letting people park on his lawn.  He charged by the axle, which angers Homer though he did do the same thing himself once.  Homer also wants to know why the museum isn’t closer to his house.  Lisa calls him on that and Homer basically says repeated blows to the head mean he is incapable of consistency.  Seems legit.

That museum seems kinda cool, though. They have an exhibit about the writer and artist of The Land of the Wild Beasts, a children’s book that tells us all where the wild things are.

That doesn’t actually cure Lisa of her fears.  Heck, Homer and Marge switch with her, and then even they get scared of that cemetery.  Something has to be done.

For Homer and Marge, that means going to a child psychologist and stealing her expensive book while Homer trashes the place to prevent her from chasing them.  She wasn’t anyway, and Marge has to stop Homer from dropping a lit match.

Lisa, meanwhile, goes to the cemetery on her own, and it’s crowded.  The cops are looking for a grave robber.  Dr. Nick is that grave robber, and he is not Doctor Octopus.  Wiggum gets separated from the rest and decides his uniform makes him too much of a target, but after stripping naked he finds his walkman in folds of his fat to keep himself entertained.  And then Lisa panics when she hears a noise, hits her head, and knocks herself out.  In her dreams, she’s engaged to a slug version of Milhouse alongside other terrors, but the Wild Beasts basically tell her everyone gets scared and she’s freakin’ eight.  There’s no shame in being eight and scared.

So, she beat the fear, and the graveyard will be gone by the next episode.

That’s how these things work, people.


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