Simpsons Did It!: “Mobile Homer”

We have here an episode that not only does the whole “Homer and Marge’s marriage is in trouble” cliche again, but also has Homer using money he probably shouldn’t to buy an RV.

And I don’t expect the Simpsons or The Simpsons to have anything like continuity, but you’d think someone would remind Homer he bought an RV once before.

It’s Sunday, and most of the Simpsons are out for a Sunday drive.  Homer isn’t.  He stayed home.  He has to clean the garage.  But there are a lot of spiders in there, and through a series of mishaps that are second nature to Homer these days, he ends up with the garage door repeatedly slamming down on his neck.

I hate when that happens.

Fortunately, Marge and the kids get home and Lisa is self-taught in CPR.

So, Homer almost died, and Marge is getting worried about that.  The vacation photo album shows Homer in numerous perilous situations while Bart laughs at him.  What would happen to Marge if Homer died?  Homer’s plan that she marry Lenny or Moe depending on the outcome of a card game he invented but never wrote down doesn’t seem sufficient, so Marge wants Homer to get life insurance.

Now, if Homer didn’t lie about the wrong things or at least lie about the right things, that might work.  But he’s uninsurable.  That means Marge goes on a craze to save as much money as possible by pinching every penny she can.

So, we have the conflict here:  Homer is an irresponsible spendthrift while Marge goes overboard in the other direction.  Homer can’t even drink at Moe’s anymore without bringing his own beer, and Moe doesn’t allow for that.  So, Homer does what seems to him to be the right thing to do:  he steals Marge’s giant jar of money to put a downpayment onto a new RV to park in the backyard.  Marge basically says she won’t talk to him now, so he moves into the RV

He also gets Bart and Lisa to come by when he wins the competition with Marge for gifts by promising they could have Christmas the following day regardless of what any calendar might say.  Really, did Marge think she could beat Homer as the more fun parent?

Things get worse when Homer invites other RV types to crash in the family’s backyard.  The resulting RV party ends when Marge pulls the extension cords for the other drivers.  They leave, and Homer proceeds to go inside and argue with Marge all night long.  Maybe it would have gone quicker if Homer hadn’t dared Marge to list his flaws.

Bart and Lisa think the argument is going too far and opt to drive the RV back to the lot for a refund.  Despite the fact that the two of them can barely drive.  Bart knows they need to look for a giant gorilla balloon, and Lisa tries a map she found on the floor to get directions.  If the map wasn’t a Flintstones Funmap, that might have worked, but the distractions causes the kids to drive onto the freeway.  Marge and Homer follow in a panic, and eventually see the RV go off the road, fly off a cliff, and land on a Turkish freighter.  Marge’s penny pinching means she has a lot of mushroom soup to barter for her kids back, and then there’s a feast where Marge doesn’t seem to mind the RV eventually crashes into the ocean, making it unreturnable.

She’s calm because the Turks gave her some hashish.

Say, that was Cowboy Bob at the lot, but not Albert Brooks’ voice.  Wouldn’t Cowboy Bob have recognized Homer?  I guess Homer will buy another RV in season twenty-nine…

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