Podcast Reaction: The Wonder Watson Edition

This week on the podcast, Watson said something about ruling over whether or not Jenny pronounced Gloria Steinem’s name correctly.  He went so far as to (politely) request that I (or whoever does podcast reactions when I am out of town like I was Monday through Tuesday) cover that.

Well, I missed how Jenny pronounced it the first time, and the last time I tried to settle a dispute between Jenny and one of the guys, I went from being the respected, impartial guy who can act as final arbiter to some biased hack who can’t get simple judgments right.  So, while Jenny said it right the second time, I don’t care enough to rewind the podcast to listen carefully to one small comment when I have tinnitus in one ear anyway.  So, really, you guys can settle this amongst yourselves.

Meanwhile, well, no one is complaining about Wonder Woman‘s ad campaign anymore.  They might not be complaining any less either, but we’ll worry about that some other time.  Heck, there was this ad specifically tied in to the Supergirl TV series featuring a few women from the show, including a very Wonder Woman specific guest star:

So, that’s something that happened.  And hey, Cloris Leachman as Queen Hippolyta was a thing:

And while I am not normally a fan of Steve Trevor, he did do something cool in a direct-to-DVD movie once:

Now, if this podcast reaction seems to be full of video clips, suggesting I have little to say due to trip exhaustion or something…that’s actually correct.  I am a bit tired.  Maybe we should ask Jimmy to figure out how Jenny beat Watson in a numbers game.  I don’t know what else to comment on at present, at least until I see Wonder Woman sometime after Watson but before Jenny.

This is still a thing.

Huh, I never mentioned Ryan in this reaction.  I’m sure he’ll be fine with that.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Reaction: The Wonder Watson Edition

  1. That Supergirl ad makes no sense. We all know DC shows and movies are not in the same universe!!!

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