Comic Review: DC Rebirth Green Lanterns Volume 1

I saw some online buzz for the new Green Lanterns series.  Apparently, it’s pretty good…except for the first arc.

So, guess what I read.

There have been a number of human Green Lanterns, so which ones are we dealing with here?  Well, aside from a brief appearance by Hal Jordan, we have Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, two rookie Lanterns who both have a lot to learn.  Hal sees them as good potential Lanterns, but then merges their power batteries into one and forces them to be partners.  Jessica was, until recently, a shut-in with high anxiety.  Simon is a real macho guy who does know a few more things about being a Green Lantern than she does.  Neither seem to get along with the other.  Hal wasn’t looking to punish them, but believes they’ll learn more on the job together than separately.

The problem is the Red Lanterns are coming to do something to the Earth that their leader, Atrocitus, calls the “Red Dawn”.  Humans all over the world are succumbing to Red Lantern rage, and while Jessica struggles to even create a construct, Simon is having flashes of some power called “Emerald Sight” that seems to be predictions of the future.

Unfortunately, online buzz seems to be right about this book.  Neither Jessica nor Simon interested me much, and the Red Lanterns, sometime anti-heroes, seem to be rather one-note characters at the best of times.  I suspect much of this story builds off recent Green Lantern work, but it didn’t grab me. What did grab me was a subplot involving a rogue Guardian of the Universe with something called the Phantom Ring.  That looks more interesting than what writer Sam Humphries and artist Robson Rocha have dished up so far.  Six out of ten comments about the Flash.

Now, if the next arc is better, that’s something I have to say is a bit of a screw-up for DC.  I can see this arc being the foundation for a longer-term story, but leading off with such a weak first arc isn’t a good way to get a series done.

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