Gabbing Geek Robot Month Rebuttal: Jimmy’s Favorite Robot

Earlier today, Jimmy Impossible told us who his favorite robot was.

It was shocking.

It was me?!?

Wait, how did Jimmy find out about the cybernetics?

Will I deny it?  No, but there’s a reason see, and it’s not because of any attempt at figuring out all of the world’s pop culture for nefarious reasons.  No, it was for a very different reason, and it was due to this man:


See, Watson doesn’t post any more.  He doesn’t post any less, some might say.  Those people would be wrong.  To fill in the slack, someone had to make up for Watson’s lost output.  Some folks would point out that other people stopped posting regularly as well, but many of those other people have come back.  Do you know who’s written more articles than Watson so far in 2017?  I mean, logged and directly wrote something, not co-wrote something that Ryan posted or that Ryan repurposed into a Gabbing Geek article under Watson’s name.  Greg.  Greg has.  I like Greg.  He writes the Netflix report sometimes.  And he’s cool.

But the problem is, though I used to write the occasional thinkpiece, now I just review everything I see or read  That takes a toll.

This guy was my writing partner. Then he decided he wanted to sleep. And he was the better-looking one of our partnership after constant TV viewing and book reading.  We took this picture just before he quit.

So, the implants were needed to allow me to maintain what passes for Gabbing Geek’s steady posting presence.  What sort of non-implanted, sane person would be doing write ups for five individual TV shows a week plus near daily bits on The Simpsons?  No human could do such a thing.  I’m currently writing about season 21 to go live next October.  Just about any other show would be more reasonable, but I went with those yellow freaks that happen to be part of my favorite all-time show.

And so, I do this, because Watson left, and with him Watson’s output.  We have no more snore-inducing box office reports.  We have no more lazy articles composed of whatever funny cartoons and memes he found online he could quickly toss into a post with his smartphone.  We have no more depictions of half-assed bad cosplays to mock Jenny.  No more asking how popular the Justice League Knife Fight article was.

How popular was that article?  Not very.  Maybe you should try my version with the Looney Toons.

I didn’t get cybernetic implants to destroy the world.  I did it to save Gabbing Geek during the Great Hiatus.

I’m not sure where Jimmy got his information.  I assume that, as Jimmy is Canadian, he’s a moose-loving former hockey player.  But I don’t know where he gets his information nonetheless.

How does Jimmy learn things?

Besides, if I wanted to take out Jimmy.  Neutralizing him is easy.  I just need to show him this picture, and he freezes in place with a goofy grin on his face.

Jimmy loves this woman.

You know, with all this general screwiness, I can’t help but wonder what Ryan has to say for Robot Month.  It may be epic.

No pressure, Ryan.

Oh, and I would never hurt anyone named Mr. Snuggleboots.  Regardless of whatever photos Jimmy uses, it should be clear Mr. Snuggleboots is the one we really need to fear, not me.

Mr. Snugggleboots, not her real name, is expressing dominance here.

So, let’s review:

  • “Nefarious” is a cool word people should use more often.
  • If I got cybernetics, it was to keep up Gabbing Geek output.
  • That is Watson’s fault.
  • Many things are Watson’s fault.
  • Jimmy knows things, but not the things he thinks he knows.
  • And beware of Mr. Snuggleboots.

Any questions?


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