Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 5/13)

Well, I’m back from vacation.  Luckily, not much in the way of Secret Empire was released the last two weeks.

Since the last few years of Captain America stories have been building towards Secret Empire, I’ve been trying to avoid the past and keep the reading order on point with only branded titles.  A few issues snuck in on the first update as Marvel made a point to call them out.  I will add some background this go round as well, but still keeping things minimal.

Just before my vacation, Marvel released a trade entitled Road To Secret Empire.  (Also known as Secret Empire Prelude.)  If you haven’t been keeping up with all things Captain America the past few years, it is a nice cross section of collected titles to give you a good basis for reading this event.  It features: Captain America (2012) #21 & #25; material from Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 & #8; Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha, Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega; Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 & #2.

I’ve also backtracked a little and included Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 as it picks up the plot threads from Uncanny Avengers #22 and leads into CA:SR #16, both of which were already included.

Finally, as of right now, I won’t be including Amazing Spider-Man #25, but if you are interested in how Otto Octavius aka the Superior Octopus joined up with Hydra, there is a back up story in that issue you should check out.

As for the new books, I may end up swapping Secret Warriors #1 and Secret Empire #1 depending on the flow of the second issues of each.

  1. Road To Secret Empire [Trade]
  2. Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 [Unbranded]
  3. Uncanny Avengers #22 [Unbranded]
  4. Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 [Unbranded]
  5. U.S. Avengers #5 [Opening Salvo]
  6. Thunderbolts #12 [Opening Salvo]
  7. Captain America: Steve Rogers #16 [Opening Salvo]
  8. Secret Empire #0
  9. Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day 2017
  10. Secret Warriors #1
  11. Secret Empire #1

That’s it for now.  If anywhere along the way you spot anything missing or incorrect or are wondering why I placed something where I did, feel free to use the comments below or message me directly.


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