Gabbing Geek 107: Guardian Vigilantes of Wonder

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is just a few days away.  Are we excited, nervous, Groot?  Absolutely!  Ryan got to experience the awesome new Vigilante Gaming Bar and gives us his review.  Then we talk about Wonder Woman and the total lack of advance marketing.

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8 thoughts on “Gabbing Geek 107: Guardian Vigilantes of Wonder

  1. Ok….podcast was good.

    Now to questions. Did you do this one from 3 different locations or did you get new headsets. Just didn’t sound like the old mix.

    It worked. Easier to hear each of your quiet little digs and laughs.

    Nice price is right drop.

    Have a great day…thx for the pidcast5

    1. Hey WachnRoll – we have a new “remote” format we’re using! Shout out to Zencastr, which is a wonderful podcast recording service. Allows for flexibility, and fantastic audio mixing. We’re very happy with it thus far!

  2. Putting things in perspective.

    You guys complained about WW not receiving enough marketing, toys, etc.

    Maybe think of it this way:

    They spent more money marketing WW than they did the Will Smith Summer Bonanza movie guest starring Margot Robbie’s shorty shorts. Yes, Suicide Squad features less important collateral characters than one of the big three, but it was a Will Smith summer movie. And, it was marketed that way.

    WW is everywhere right now. She’s on the front row at Toys R Us, with a side display of “Super Hero Girls” toys next to the movie stuff; clearly that’s a coat tails move to cross promote all the girl super hero toys. So at least Toys R Us thinks WW has coat tails.

    There are multiple tv spots every night in prime time shows. Not just during the Flash or other DC shows, during Big Bang, Modern Family, Life in Pieces, etc. There’s promo stuff in the grocery store.

    The closest we’ve ever seen to this kind of girl driven movie promotion was “Sucker Punch” back in 2011, and it was mostly marketed as a live action anime sexy sword movie.

    So, if you shift your thinking, this is the most promoted movie of its kind ever. She may be one of the big three in the stories of DC, but before the movie, she’s not even top ten most recognizable heroes world wide. Before this movie comes out, do you honestly think that anyone besides comic book fans know the origin story? that there was a “Steve” at all? What the heck is a Themyscira? and who’s Diana?

    Yes, there was an 80’s show. Yes, I watched it as a young boy. But the majority of those under 40 have no memory of it.

    We should celebrate how much they’re doing because they’ve never done it before.

    It’s irresponsible and off putting to complain that the volume of cash spent isn’t equal to what they’ve spent on known properties that succeed.

    Batman has 7 movies spanning decades. Superman has had 6 over more time. Together they spent an obscene amount of money promoting Batsoup. Wanting anything equivalent is silly. It doesn’t make any financial sense at all. The comparison is even more drawn out if you look at comics titles that sell. There’s SHELVES of Batman, over 100 unique trade paper backs. Superman is probably 4th or 5th character behind Green Lantern, and anything else Geoff Johns toyed with, including Flash! (Go look at Flash right now, they’re recompiling Flash in Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns era collections, and they haven’t even started promoting old Barry Allen story lines. – which will tie in to the TV show far more than the Wally West stuff.)

    WW isn’t their best commercial property. She may be more culturally important, but she’s not a sure bet. Although, they’re getting my money because she was the very best part of Batsoup.

    As far as the toys go, we own many different iterations of WW through lots of different lines: Imaginext, Super Hero Girls, Batsoup toy tie ins, and now from the new movie. I’m excited to see more. I think it’s a really good thing to be happy about.

    Not something to pout over.

    1. When we recorded the episode there certainly wasn’t the marketing presence that we’re seeing now (less than 2.5 weeks from the opening). Our conversation was about how we were expecting more marketing earlier on, like with the other movies. Perhaps WB/DC was just waiting until Guardians opened so they could be more efficient, hard to say. Given the timing of other movies, it’s a fair criticism, not pouting.

      And irresponsible? Um, okay. We’ll try to wield our power more responsibly moving forward. I’m sure this episode caused quite a stir over at the WB marketing department.

  3. Also, you guys had the figures to compare Suicide Squad to WW. I’m sure that number has grown dramatically in the last few weeks.

    1. I don’t think so–the numbers would have reflected advance purchases (to the extent TV ad buys are reported they are advance–last minute or burst buys are rarely reported). We were more wondering where those ads were if the numbers were similar since we all remembered seeing the SS commercials. But the WW spots are definitely showing up now.

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