Simpsons Did It!: “My Big Fat Geek Wedding”

You know what the most amazing thing about the end of the relationship between Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner?

Agnes Skinner had nothing to do with it!

Yes, after a long courtship, it’s finally time for the marriage of Edna Krabappel and Seymour Skinner.  And so it comes to pass that there’s a bachelorette party at the Simpson house hosted by Marge and a bachelor party at Moe’s Tavern hosted by Homer.  One of those parties is really rocking, and surprisingly it’s Marge’s.  They have Duffman as a stripper.  And then when Chief Wiggum shows up due to a noise complaint, he’s mistaken for a stripper too and joins in.

As for the group at Moe’s, few of whom seem to be actual friends of Skinner, Skinner confesses to Homer that he’s having cold feet.  Is it the beer talking?  Nope.  Homer’s on the case.  He has a man on the outside to stop a runner, namely Bart.  Nelson is on-hand as a sniper too with water balloons loaded with canola oil.  But it turns out Skinner isn’t the runner.  Krabappel is, and that’s because she can’t stand the idea of Skinner only marrying her because he has no other options and he’s scared to death of commitment.

You know something?  Good for her.

Once she’s gone, Skinner decides he wants her back.  Sure, now he thinks that way.  With Homer’s help, he tries to woo her back.  Marge is helping Edna, so the two Simpsons are fighting each other for stupid reasons so I’ll just skip that part of the show.

Skinner’s real competition comes when Edna meets a rebound guy in the form of Comic Book Guy.  That’s bad.  Rebounds are how Jackie got her O.

And then CBG takes Krabappel to the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi Con.  That’d be the same con Homer met Mark Hamill at.  This time the big guest seems to be Futurama  creator Matt Groening.  That’s quite a get for the producers of The Simpsons!

But then there’s a fight between Catwoman cosplayer Skinner and Klingon wannabe Comic Book Guy over Edna.  She stops the fight.  She chooses neither at what Comic Book Guy was hoping to be a Klingon wedding.  Choosing neither at a quick wedding seems to be a Springfield thing, though it ends happily for Edna going off to do her own thing.

But really, it’s smart to get away from the Comic Book Guy.  His only other romantic relationship to date was with someone who’d been a nasty thorn in Edna’s side for quite some time.

That’s right.  It was Agnes Skinner.

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