Podcast Reaction: Teaser Edition

This week on the podcast…holy hell, there was a podcast?!  When did that happen?  How did that happen?

Actually, I think I can answer a couple of those, but if Ryan, Watson, and Jenny can do a podcast, I can do a podcast reaction.

And what can I say about a show that mostly talks about advertising and box office potential?

I mean, they talk teasers.  We all know what teasers are.

Watson’s idea of the perfect teaser.

That’s right!  Teasers are commercials for commercials!

Though I will add, I am incredibly surprised Marvel Films only just now realized how perfect “The Immigrant Song” was for Thor.  Why was that not shown earlier?  Were the teaser editors constantly distracted by Watson’s idea of a perfect teaser?  Then again, I’ve seen that song played over a flash animation of a pair of viking kittens, so maybe it was just more memorable to me.

But that’s enough of talk of commercials!  What am I looking forward to?  Well, aside from the things mentioned on the podcast, I’ll tell you what I am not looking forward to:  being on the podcast.  Jimmy and myself, we’ve been exiled due to the fact we don’t live in Texas.  I ask ya, is that right?  Separating the two guys who kept the website alive during the Founders Hiatus (as it shall henceforth be known) simply due to a few hundred or thousand miles of geographical distance?

Wait, that is an incredibly reasonable explanation to keep us off the show.

Sorry, Jimmy.

Though God knows what Jimmy and I bring to the table…

We bring this.

What would I actually be looking forward to?  Dunkirk.

Oh, and in the name of teasers everywhere, there’s some really cool stuff in the works behind the scenes here at Gabbing Geek that may even see the light of Internet Day.  Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Podcast Reaction: Teaser Edition

  1. Led Zeppelin have been notorious sticklers over the years for allowing their music to be used in movies, tv, etc. See the deleted scene in Almost Famous that was to play Stairway to Heaven in it’s entirety for example. So it may have been a matter of negotiating the rights. But yes, Immigrant Song fits perfectly.

    That “perfect teaser” is the best thing I’ve seen yet on this site. Second best? That “Instant Heat” joke.

    WELCOME BACK TOM! And oh yeah, the podcast.

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