Simpsons Did It!: “The President Wore Pearls”

Ever get the impression that Ryan should cover an episode of The Simpsons once in a while?

And for an episode involving a lot of singing, having a guest appearance by Michael Moore should draw some relief in that he doesn’t sing at all.

Let’s consider, if you will, that this episode is largely a parody of the musical Evita.  I have never seen that musical, neither on stage nor on screen.  I have no real knowledge of it aside from the fact it exists and one or two lines that have to do with not crying for someone, Argentina.

So, having an episode of The Simpsons revolve around it means I can only say so much.  Gabbing Geek musical expert Ryan has never said much of anything about this musical or this godforsaken project of mine.  So, let’s move on.

Why would Lisa run for student president?  Well, Martin Prince has to step down when his charity casino goes horribly awry when none of the participants understood that there was no money to win.  It was for charity.  And then there’s a riot because this is Springfield.

Lisa decides to run, and her opponent is Nelson.  Lisa runs on a platform of facts and ideas.  Nelson runs on the idea he’s Nelson and that’s all you need to know.  You’d think that would be enough for some people.  But these are children, and they like what’s “cool”.  Lisa is on her way to losing the debate when she starts singing a somewhat familiar song involving people not crying, and the kids carry her off triumphantly.  Nelson has no song.  He loses.  He loses badly.  Heck, the popular write-in candidate “Skinner sucks” also loses to Lisa.

Actually, to say Nelson had nothing isn’t right.  Lisa said she had the answers.  Nelson said he had the answer keys, even to the Real Estate Licensing test Mrs. Krabappel wanted so badly.

But Lisa is a crusaders and the faculty under Skinner need a patsy, so they give her a make-over and…wait, hold on here…since when do student presidents like this have any power at all?  I mean, yeah, it’s a cartoon and all, but…

Point is, when Skinner shuts down art, athletics, and music to save money, he has Lisa’s signature on a piece of paper to prove she’s OK with ending all extra-curicullars.  That ain’t right.  Lisa calls a student strike, the police actually join in because Wiggum feels unwanted by the mayor, and Michael Moore shows up and doesn’t sing (phew!).

What’s Skinner to do?  Well, he sends Lisa to a school for the gifted.  That would work if Homer were at all willing to drive Lisa 45 minutes to go to school.  Fortunately, Springfield Elementary found the money to revive the various canceled programs by canceling flu shots and selling loose cigarettes.

And so ends a musical episode that at least let me know Groundskeeper Willy is a frequently drunk escaped mental patient who can’t keep any of Milhouse’s secrets.


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