John C Reilly Week Day Three: Wreck-It Ralph

Could we possibly go during a week dedicated to the work of John C. Reilly without mentioning Wreck-It Ralph?

Well, we could, but that would be insane.

The John C Reilly Factor

Winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of Ralph, the bad guy in an old video game called Fix-It Felix.  He’s been lucky that his game has been running strong for 30 years, but even in the game most of the other characters consider him to be an all-around bad guy.  After spending 30 years getting tossed off a building, forced to live in the dump, and then not even invited to an anniversary party, Ralph decides he needs a medal like game protagonist Felix always gets.  Therein lies the problem:  Ralph has to exit his own game and try to get one in a different game, and that can cause more problems than anyone would like to admit after the Turbo Incident.

Reilly makes an excellent Ralph.  The downtrodden tone he takes when he’s down, the way Ralph may be the “bad guy” in his video game doesn’t mean he’s a legitimate bad guy since Ralph displays actual consideration for others more than the people of “Niceville” do in his own game.  Sure, Felix isn’t all bad, but Felix didn’t invite Ralph to the party either.

Directed by Simpsons veteran Rich Moore, the movie captures the right look for all the different video game types Ralph and Felix end up visiting during the course of the story.  It’s Disney, so you know Ralph will eventually do the right thing and come out on top, but the movie wins a lot of points for just being so darn cool to look at.  Felix-It Felix looks like a legitimate old video game of the Donkey Kong variety, and that was just the beginning for a fun and funny adventure.  Ten out of ten Reillys.

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