Bento Review: 4001 AD

The first Valiant book I got from Comic Bento was Rai‘s first volume.  I loved it.

And let’s give a shout-out to the wonderful and improbable Jimmy Impossible, whose constant asking of me if I got through volume three yet meant I was all caught up when a book I would have bought anyway showed up.  Thanks, Jimmy!

4001 AD comes from the regular Rai creative team and picks up right where the third volume of that series left off.  Rai, one-time protector/enforcer of the orbital New Japan, had been exiled to Earth by the malevolent Father, a mechanized intelligence that controlled all of New Japan.  Rai’s ally Lula had sabotaged Father’s systems, and now New Japan is breaking apart.  Rai, on an Earth he had been told was desolate of life, makes some allies in the form of a large, dumb brute named Lemur and the Eternal Warrior Gilad.  Gilad has his own beef with Father over the fate of that time period’s Geomancer.  As Father descends further into madness and murder, it’s up to these three, plus whatever allies of Rai’s are still alive on New Japan, to stop Father once and for all.

And all Rai has, initially, is the last suit of X-O armor.

Like all Valiant books, the story runs fast and keeps a good pace going.  The plot advances, and Rai ends the volume in a different place.  This is the end of Rai’s initial storyline as he goes from tool to hero.  Matt Kindt’s script is the usual fantastic, and Clayton Crain’s gorgeous artwork still impresses.  This may not be the best book to jump into without knowing what else is out there, but it was fun all the same.  Nine out of ten “shiny cats”.

NEXT BOOK:  We have a Dynamite trade next, this one an adaptation/continuation of George RR Martin’s superhero series Wild Cards.

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