The Wire “Slapstick”

Prez should never leave the office.  Nothing goes right when he does.  And he was just on a food run this time…

Yeah, let’s cover the big thing first.  Prez screwed up again, and he did so in a way he can never come back from.  I mean, he can probably stay a cop because of Valchek, or even Daniels, but he lost whatever it was he had that helped him enjoy the job.  He was a smart guy, good at digging, but not good in the field.

What did he do?  While out on a food run with McNulty, a call for officer assistance comes in from nearby.  Prez drives over, drops McNulty off, and then finds a guy with a gun.  Prez shoots and kills the guy.  It was night in a dark alley, gunshots had been heard earlier, and the guy was clearly armed.

The guy was a plainclothes cop.  Prez killed a cop.  Prez killed a black cop on top of that, so there’s the race angle.  He probably won’t get in any real legal trouble, but he can’t go back to the job.  His biggest regret seems to be he feels he disappointed Lester.

McNulty, meanwhile, gets to hear Prez getting badmouthed by other cops.  They only know the inept klutz.  McNulty knows better.

McNulty has other issues.  He’s feeling superior on the job, thinking he may be one of a handful of Real Police in Baltimore, but Lester basically explains the job won’t fulfill him.  He doesn’t realize it until later when on a real date with his current booty call, a woman who works as a political consultant.  She clearly doesn’t care about what he does, and he didn’t vote in the 2004 election because Presidents don’t see what he sees to fix a damn thing.  That relationship is toast.  Plus, he ran into a guy formerly from the Detail that got bumped down to patrolman and finds out the guy is a lot happier with that than the more stressful job of a homicide detective.  Maybe McNulty will learn something yet.

Over on the crime side, Avon is keeping Stringer’s secret about who really popped D in prison, even from D’s own mama, Avon’s sister.  She goes so far as to suggest Avon had something to do with it.  This is hurting those guys.  But Avon isn’t changing his ways.  He wants his corners back.  It doesn’t matter that times have changed.  It doesn’t matter that Proposition Joe is trying to keep the war between Avon and Marlo from getting out of hand.

It does matter that Stringer OK’d a hit on Omar on a Sunday.  Sundays are truce days.  Omar was taking his elderly grandma to Church.  That wasn’t right.  Omar declares war on the Barksdale Organization again.  Half his crew quits.  The other half he asks to leave him be because it’s too dangerous.  Granted, Omar only had two people in his crew, but that’s still an accurate assessment.

And over in Hamsterdam, Herc and Carver find a body.  If Homicide comes sniffing around, Colvin’s experiment becomes public knowledge.  Herc is done with it.  He even leaves the local newspaper an anonymous tip.  Carver tries to cover by moving the body.  He left a trail of blood and a bullet casing behind.  That’s not fooling anyone, but Colvin can pressure the dealers to give the shooter up on their own.

Anything else?  Well, its nearly impossible to get a wire on a disposable phone for a bunch of reasons, and Carcetti is moving a little closer to being the new mayor.  And as for Cutty, he learns how useful having a friend in high places is when you want to open a gym to keep kids off the streets.  All this stuff does seem to be going somewhere, though I never doubted it.  I just had to see what it was.


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