Simpsons Did It!: “Simpsons Tall Tales”

Fun fact:  Jim Carrey was supposed to voice the hobo character in this episode, but his schedule wouldn’t allow it, so the role was played by series regular Hank Azaria.

Wait, that fact isn’t really fun…

So, at the end of “Behind the Laughter,” Homer as executive producer for the series says a trip to Delaware would be in the last season.  Then this episode opens with a trip to Delaware, and there are, to date, 16 more seasons to go.

Wow.  Would someone get fired for that blunder?  Hopefully me because I don’t know if I can make it that far.

But Homer refuses to pay the airline tax of $5, so the family hops onboard a train and meets a singing hobo (not, fortunately, a stabbing hobo) who entertains the family with various tall tales, here recast with the Simpsons.  There’s Homer as Paul Bunyan, Lisa as Connie Appleseed, and Bart as Tom Sawyer to Nelson’s Huck Finn.

Yes, Tom and Huck are actually from books by Mark Twain, but just roll with it.

Marge?  She just fills in supporting roles as needed.

But what can I say about an anthology episode?  I never know what to do on these.  I usually just do crappy plot recaps, but the anthologies resist that whole thing.  What was noteworthy here?  How Lisa’s Connie was protesting her family and the rest of their wagon train killing all the buffalo, a fear even the buffalo found laughable before they all died?  How Bart and Nelson are actually killed at the end of theirs?  How grim.  Or maybe that Dr. Hibbert has a wonderful singing voice for “Old Man River”.  And Homer and Babe the Big Blue Ox fought Rodan.  That was a thing that happened between hobo sponge baths.

Nah, I’ll just say that seeing as this was the final episode of season twelve, that the season played out better than I thought it would.

Thank goodness the anthology is done though.  What’s on tap for me to write up tomorrow?

“Treehouse of Horror XII”


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