Bold Predictions 2017: Watson And Ryan Call The 2017 Box Office Results

Both Ryan and I made our bold predictions for the 2016 Box Office way back in January of 2016 (Ryan’s predictions are here and my responses are here).  In true geek fashion, we turned our predictions into a contest to see who would get closer to the actual totals of the movies.  The contest was incredibly close–I missed big by underestimating Jungle Book and Ryan way overestimated the success of the Ghostbusters reboot.  In the end, it was pretty much decided by Ryan wisely hedging on whether Channing Tatum’s X-Men spinoff, Gambit, would be released (it wasn’t).  Although the final numbers are still trickling in, we gave ourselves a point for every million dollars we missed in a movie’s total box office and Ryan looks to win by about 28 points/million dollars.  Given that the movies we played with combined to earn $6.144 BILLION dollars, our margin of victory came down to less than one half of a percent of the total box office we predicted.  

Last year, Ryan set the baseline numbers and Watson came along with his prediction. For 2017, Watson is the smarmy ass who takes first stab at the predictions while Ryan gets to be a critical jerk who criticizes.  This will be easy roles for both of Gabbing Geek’s Box Office experts.

And now…NUMBERS! (And captions by Ryan!)

Star Wars: Episode VIII

All bets are off if the title is “The Revenge of Jar Jar”

Release Date:12/15/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $850

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $1,000

Watson Says:  I was projecting a little lower until I saw the Box Office of Rogue One.  Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with.  

Garcia Says: How impressive is Star Wars?  So impressive that Watson is FINALLY projecting a movie will make more than $400 million in a year! If this was a month ago I would have called under Watson’s number as I think a new Star Wars movie coming every year dilutes some of the event nature of the movie.  But a good sequel can outperform the original (think Catching Fire, and yes I know it’s a flawed analogy because Episode VII wasn’t really the original but you know what I mean).  With the passing of Carrie Fisher, I think this is going to bring fans and mainstream audiences alike back in droves.  I’m making my first bold call of the year by predicting Episode VIII to be the first billion dollar domestic grossing film ever.

Justice League


We get it, Aquaman. You’re really impressed by the size of your staff.

Release Date:11/17/17

Watson Prediction (Millions):$500

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $350

Watson Says: Despite being terrible, the DCCU films have been huge hits.  I think this one will stink (damn you, Zack Snyder!) but will perform very well.  Avengers made $600M and was good, so I think this one is a little short of that.  

Garcia Says: The DC movies continue to outperform our expectations but they’ve all hovered around the $300M mark.  I think Wonder Woman will be better than the previous three films but that will make this look worse by comparison.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

With a soundtrack 100% Journey-free!

Release Date: 5/5/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $400

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $370

Watson Says:  My brother, who doesn’t like SciFi loves this flick.  Guardians has huge crossover appeal.The first film did $303M but I think GotG2 grows on the success of the original.  Hopefully Ryan can forgive Pratt for the sins of Passengers.  

Garcia Says: All is forgiven with this return to greatness.  I think this may be the most anticipated Marvel movie since Avengers.  I just wish they’d opened on Memorial Day weekend.  And even though I think this movie is going to be so much fun, I’m also not sure it’s going to be that much better than the first movie.  Marvel sequels only do better than the original when they give us something MORE.  Not sure this one can do it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming


If you hated the dancing in Spider-Man 3, just you wait…

Release Date: 7/7/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $335

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $380

Watson Says: One of the toughest movies to predict this year.  The highest grossing Spider(hyphen)Man movie was $403M (the original Tobey Maguire flick) and the lowest grossing film was $202M (The second Andrew Garfield movie).  I pretty much split the difference and then tacked on about $35M for the appearance of RDJ as Tony Stark…which is probably his paycheck for a few minutes of screentime.  

Garcia Says: Marvel fans know that RDJ probably won’t make too many more Marvel movies and we’re all looking for that one guy that can replace him in terms of charisma and energy.  Spider-Man may be that character, if Civil War was right.  I could see this doing over 400 but no need to rub salt in Watson’s wounds.

Beauty and the Beast

AKA Every Date Watson Goes On, The Movie

Release Date: 3/17/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $310

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $350

Watson Says:  Cinderella’s live action adaptation made $200M but Beauty and the Beast is a musical, stars Emma Watson, and is probably a bigger box office draw than a more antiquated story about a gold digger.  

Garcia Says: Another movie that will fall victim to timing. Spring break will bring in the kids but it’s going to cut against the slightly older crowd who grew up with the original back in 1992.  Oh wait, all those people will bring their kids.  Yeah, this one is going to do amazing numbers.

Despicable Me 3

The first ten minutes are the Minions apologizing for their standalone film

Release Date: 6/30/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $285

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $310

Watson Says: Part 2 made $368M and Minions made $336M, but I feel like the franchise is running out of stream (despite a good but largely Minionless trailer).  Still a hit, and enough to warrant more films, but I think we see a dip in the take.

Garcia Says: Minions was awful and made over 300.  The only question here is if Cars 3 is the floating turd in the kids movie swimming pool.

The Fate of the Furious

Prediction: some cars will crash

Release Date: 4/14/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $260

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $300

Watson Says: The last two instalments made $233M and $353M.  The latter was driven by the curiosity over the death of Paul Walker.  Predicting this series is hard for me because I can’t go by the quality of the trailers, because they always look so shitty. Number at a dartboard…

Garcia Says: Ever since this series clicked in the fifth film the box office has been a steady upward line.  I agree that 7 brought in a bit of extra attention but these are FANTASTIC movies.  If this was a straight summer release they’d do more, which makes me think they really are going to swivel the series again as the trailers suggest so I’m taking my original estimate down a bit but still north of Watson’s.

Thor: Ragnarok

I WANNA ROK! (and hey, remember when they were going to open in this in July?)

Release Date: 11/3/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $250

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $275

Watson Says: This is high for a Thor movie?  The first two films made $181M and $202M, so why predict $250M for the third installment of the weakest MCU franchise?  Two words.  HULK SMASH!  Given some legal wranglings between Marvel and Universal Studios (who produced the Edward Norton feature The Incredible Hulk), Marvel seemingly cannot make a solo Hulk film.  Putting Hulk (and Dr Strange) in Thor’s solo film means we may get a Diet Coke version of Planet Hulk (or a mini-Avengers movie like Civil War).  That’s worth a bump at the Box Office…even if it is the B-team.

Garcia Says: Can’t disagree with Watson’s analysis here, try as I might.  Civil War was the Diet Coke version of the Avengers.  This will be the Coke Life version of the Avengers–we acknowledge it exists but we’re still not sure why we’re drinking it.

Lego Batman


Release Date: 2/10/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $225

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $315

Watson Says: The Lego movie made $257M, so why am I going lower given this one has Batman?  I’m guessing this one will not have as broad appeal to the audience that made Lego a hit and might not be embraced by the fans of the grim and gritty Nolan films.  I am really interested to see Ryan’s take on this entry!

Garcia Says: Watson, you ignorant slut.  Oh, and your take on the movie is totally off.  The trailer to this movie is better than most of the kids movies I saw in 2016.  Kids and parents were laughing at this in the theater and unlike other trailers it didn’t feel like we saw all the best jokes.  This is going to be a huge crossover hit.  Kids that are too young to see real superhero movies can be taken by parents who laughed at the trailer and the success of the Lego Movie will make everyone else feel comfortable going to.  If it weren’t in February this would be even bigger.

Wonder Woman

Wonder no longer.

Release Date: 6/2/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $225

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $333

Watson Says:  I really think this one will make $224,999,999…because it will make $1 less than an animated Batman movie.  Just to piss Jenny off.  Second prediction:  this will gross lower than Bat Soup or Suicide Squad but will have a much better Rotten Tomatoes score.  Again…the universe LOVES crapping on Jenny.  

Garcia Says: I wasn’t wild about the World War 1 setting initially, but the trailers have been great and provide a novel take on action that may appeal to the comic book fans who weren’t particularly looking for a Wonder Woman film.  I think the movie has more potential for backlash from the female audience depending on how the story goes down.  But DC films don’t need to be liked to perform decently.

Transformers: The Last Knight

This is really happening

Release Date: 6/23/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $220

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $221

Watson Says: While this film will make a bajillion dollars in Asia, in the U.S. it will see the continued downward trend of the franchise’s box office.  The first Markie Mark entry made only $245M (down from the final Shia Shenanigan which took in $352M), so I predict this one to make even less.

Garcia Says: I don’t know anyone who still sees these movies but they still bring in money.  I can’t really disagree with Watson on this one and since I know how much he hates Price is Right rules I thought I’d pull in the one dollar victory on a movie he can now hate twice as much.  Hey Watson, in the words of Maui:

You’re welcome.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead men tell no tales but keep making sequels.

Release Date: 5/26/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $180

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $165

Watson Says: Johnny Depp, who was the biggest star of the first decade of the 20th Century, doesn’t have it anymore.  Pirates is his best chance for relevance, but the fourth installment made only 78% of the gross of the third.  I see about the same drop off for the fifth instalment.  

Garcia Says: I don’t care enough about this film to even finish thi

Cars 3

Just call it Car-Car Binks.

Release Date: 6/16/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $175

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $176

Watson Says:  Cars 2 is viewed as the worst of the Pixar films by far and still made $191M.  It is really just for little kids (and maybe Tom’s gearhead family member).  The trailer looks interesting, but there is a possibility by making it bleak Pixar scares off its core audience.  

Garcia Says: Kids hate this trailer more than Watson hates the Price is Right, so I’m doing them both a favor.

Boss Baby

Just don’t give this asshole a Twitter account.

Release Date: 3/31/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $160

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $80

Watson Says: This seemed like a dumb idea, reminiscent of the Simpsons throw gag TV show of Admiral Baby, but the trailer played REALLY well at Moana and Sing.  I could see this being a hit in the range of Home or Trolls but don’t see it doing Zootopia or Secret Life of Pets money.

Garcia Says: This is a kids movie that was sentenced to death by timing.  No Spring Break bump and I’m thinking by March everyone, EVERYONE will be sick of an immature businessman who thinks he knows better than everyone else and is voice by Alec Baldwin.  Loser!

The Mummy

This movie approved for Operating Thetans level 3 and higher.

Release Date: 6/9/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $160

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $140

Watson Says: Tom Cruise is a box office star, but his biggest openers are in the lower $200Ms and not in the franchise realm.  I am skeptical that Universal can build a connected universe from its monster properties, but this one could do ok.

Garcia Says: The last Mission Impossible film built on a successful franchise, had positive reviews, and was a lot of fun.  And THAT didn’t make over $200.  There’s a reason we don’t make Mummy films anymore.  If the Church of Scientology hadn’t already purchased $120 million worth of tickets this would be a huge bomb.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Watson is probably going to make a joke about apes on horses with machine guns.

Release Date: 7/14/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $155

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $240

Watson Says: As long as there are Apes…on Horses…with machine guns!, I am there.

Garcia Says: Called it.  But Watson missed the steady rise in this series’ performance because these are really, really good movies.  I think this will continue that trend.


You had me at Pixar. You kinda lost me at Coco but then you got me back with the skull.

Release Date:11/22/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $150

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $205

Watson Says: Book of Life covered the Day of the Dead in animated form not too long ago, so I am surprised Pixar would cover the same ground so soon after.  This one will probably benefit from not having Mumford and Sons covers…

Garcia Says: Is this another Good Dinosaur?  It’s so early to try and predict, but it is Pixar. I have to imagine they’re dialing it in for Cars 3 and spending all of their energy on this movie, so I think it isn’t another Good Dinosaur and will make over 200.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

As lost as the souls of the people who make Smurfs movies

Release Date:4/7/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $145

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $55

Watson Says: The live action films did well but were critically savaged.  I think this purely animated film would have done much better (north of $300M) if the crappy flicks that preceded it hadn’t damaged the brand).


The Dark Tower

This is not the Dark Crystal sequel you’re looking for.

Release Date: 7/28/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $130

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $110

Watson Says: This one was kind of a hedge.  I could see it doing $50M and I could see it doing $250M.  There really isn’t a mass following for this series, but it does have SOME brand appeal.  

Garcia Says: I remember loving these books all the way through Wizards and Glass.  But by the time the remaining books came out so much time had passed that I didn’t remember what I liked about them, so I’m intensely curious about the movie.  Will that translate to box office performance?  I can’t tell–cutting 7 books into one movie means they’ll likely stick to the core story as opposed to all the King references he brought in.  But the core story was good, and Westworld may help pave the way to some broader acceptance.  I think the late July date shows a lack of confidence by the studio that impacted my total.

Alien: Covenant

Does your face need a good hugging?

Release Date: 5/19/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $130

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $90

Watson Says: Scott cleverly makes Prometheus 2 and steals money from his fans by calling in an Alien movie.  Clever.

Garcia Says: I love the Aliens franchsie.  I even liked Prometheus.  The trailer to this movie is horrible.  There’s nothing all that new about it, it’s just another Alien film.  Which is fine, I guess, but we want more.  How about we strand the astronauts with an Alien and Mark Watney has to go save them?


It’s Efil, backwards.

Release Date: 3/24/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $130

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $110

Watson Says: A good cast and a good premise, but why the generic title that has been used many times, including a 1999 Eddie Murphy comedy….and not one of his good ones?

Garcia Says: This trailer looks like a better Alien move than the new Alien movie.  But it’s a Mars movie without Mark Watney, so that isn’t a good sign.



Release Date: 3/3/17

Watson Prediction (Millions) :$120

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $180

Watson Says: The X-Men franchise is in the decline to the point where the title doesn’t even mention Wolverine or the X-Men.  Time for Jackman to retire the character…but really so I win a lunch bet.

Garcia Says: For two movies in a row I mentioned Mark Watney but I’m not going to do that here.  Oh, whoops.  This is a great trailer and I’m curious to see how they work with one of the best Wolverine stories of all time.  Just the trailer was enough to make me forgive them for the last standalone Wolverine film but this won’t have the same fun as Deadpool to cross the $200 mark (watney).


You will never un-see this picture.

Release Date: 12/22/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $120

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $110

Watson Says: A remake of a movie that wasn’t even that big of a hit.  But the Rock is good at family friendly fare.  I am surprised this is a December release; going up against Episode 8.  This movie would have been better at a pre-Thanksgiving release.

Garcia Says: This is the movie you’ll go see when Episode VIII is still sold out.

Power Rangers

I got nothing. That’s a good poster.

Release Date: 3/24/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $110

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $130

Watson Says: Watching the trailer, me and my kids wanted to see this movie until we saw it was the Power Rangers reboot.  I guess that is good?

Garcia Says: It’s a great trailer.  I despise the Power Rangers but the trailer was good.  And Bryan Cranston.

Kong: Skull Island

Whatever you think of this image you have to agree–it probably smells AWFUL!

Release Date: 3/10/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $105

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $220

Watson Says: This movie REALLY looks interesting in the trailers, but I bet it will be dreadful.  $105M is what a prediction looks like when I feel that way…

Garcia Says: Good trailer and this is the attempt to tie Godzilla and King Kong together–so I’m thinking another trailer will come out that reveals Godzilla for a flash and we geeks will TOTALLY FREAK OUT!  And that last Godzilla movie was pretty good for not showing Godzilla.  But it had Bryan Cranston, who’s as good as you can get without getting Mark Watney.



Release Date:9/8/17

Watson Prediction (Millions):$100

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $70

Watson Says: I am only seeing this movie if I am sitting next to Jenny.

Garcia Says: And I will be sitting in the row behind but will crawl underneath to grab Jenny’s ankles every five minutes.


Or what you say after you’ve completed your William Shatner impression.

Release Date: 7/21/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $100

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $130

Watson Says:  It has Nolan.  It will be an awards darling.  It will likely be brilliant.  So why so low? Because this is a U.S. box office game.  Americans don’t like war movies with non-American leads who aren’t from a galaxy far, far away.

Garcia Says: Great release timing for a movie that otherwise would have made under $100.  Unless there’s a twist to this movie we don’t know about.

Great Wall

This time Mark Watney is stranded behind a wall.

Release Date: 2/1/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $100

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $65

Watson Says: Good thing there is a white man to help the locals or this wouldn’t be a movie. 🙁

Garcia Says: February movie for a film that was made for the Chinese market.  They’ll release to a little marketing push and take what they can.

Snatched (Formerly Mother/Daughter)


Release Date: 5/12/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $80

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $125

Watson Says: This is an important film for Amy Schumer.  Is she the next queen of comedy now that Melissa McCarthy is showing signs of handing over the title?  

Garcia Says: I really liked the trailer (warning, it’s a red band trailer) but this might be a hard sell.  Still, I think the team behind The Heat and Spy makes good stuff, so I’m in.

Emojimovie: Express Yourself

Starring all of Watson’s exes!

Release Date: 8/4/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $75

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $90

Watson Says: I want this one to bomb, and think it will, but after Trump I no longer underestimate the stupidity of my fellow Americans so I am hedging.

Garcia Says: I’m really upset at myself for pointing out how Watson’s initial estimate ($25) was so low that he was more of an idiot than the audience who will buy tickets to it.  So now I’m just going higher to make myself cheer for this awful movie as a form of self-punishment.

Blade Runner 2049

Fun fact: the designer who created this poster makes more than you do.

Release Date: 10/6/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $65

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $110

Watson Says: I don’t think anyone is clamoring for this continuation.  

Garcia Says: Great timing.  We expect less from October science fiction films and are often rewarded for our low expectations.  This has so much awareness and Star Wars fans will want to see some Harrison Ford before Episode VIII.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I’m still trying to convince Watson that the Golden Circle doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

Release Date:10/6/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $65

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $150

Watson Says: This one has a fan base after a great first installment, but it was a maybe for greenlight and will demonstrate that iffiness at the box office.

Garcia Says: The first one was great without making us expect too much.  This should be a blast.

The Circle

More circles, just to confuse Watson.

Release Date: 4/28/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $60

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $90

Watson Says: I had to go back to my notes to see what this film was.  Hanks and Watson are great but not a guarantee at the box office.

Garcia Says: This one will have to be marketed correctly to succeed, but could be a nice thriller for the two stars.

XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage

We had Watson at XXX.

Release Date: 1/20/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $60

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $50

Watson Says: It will get SOME benefit from Vin’s F&F films, but it is being released in January for a reason.

Garcia Says: Let’s see, January release of the third in an action series that probably peaked with the first film.  Nope, it’s not Taken 3!

Cloverfield 2017

This movie is being super secret so I’m just putting in another picture of Pennywise for Jenny

Release Date: 10/27/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $45

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $70

Watson Says: The premise SOUNDS interesting, but not sure the Cloverfield brand actually helps.

Garcia Says: Very cool premise (astronauts on space station trapped when the Earth vanishes).  The Cloverfield movies tend to be around $70 million so I’m guessing the same for this one.


Jenny is going to see this movie for the subtle word play.

Release Date: 5/26/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $45

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $130

Watson Says: I think most fans of Baywatch prefer to view the show in private…

Garcia Says: Can this toe the line between a real Baywatch movie and a parody of itself?  Did Watson think of an inapproriate joke when he read the word “toe”?  We’ll find out!  Still, it’s hard to imagine a Memorial Day movie with a massive marketing budget not rising all the way through the box office charts for the month.  And yes, Watson’s head exploded reading that last sentence.

Annabelle 2

Hey Jenny. Pennywise told me to give you a big hug!

Release Date: 8/11/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $45

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $80

Watson Says: The first did well, but I see this one dropping considerably and doing much of its business opening weekend.

Garcia Says: Horror fans will be looking for something to see in August besides The Nut Job 2.

50 Shades Darker

Are you sure? Maybe it’s just breathing hard.

Release Date: 2/10/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $45

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $120

Watson Says: I could see this one doing so poorly, it (mercifully) ends the franchise.

Garcia Says: Remember how everyone hated this first movie and it did $166 million?  Yeah.  That.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Obviously a documentary.

Release Date: 7/21/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $40

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $55

Watson Says: The title is terrible.

Garcia Says: Lucy had a star to make a lot of money.  This is just going to be a weird ride and we’ll have plenty of other options by the end of July.  

Pitch Perfect 3

It’s like Pitch Perfect 2 but 50% higher!

Release Date: 12/22/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $40

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $120

Watson Says: Despite a HUGE financial uptick for part 2, I think audiences will opt out of a third one.  I predict Ryan will go WAY high on this one…and see it five times.  

Garcia Says: I’ll see it once thank you very much.  But yeah, Watson’s number is INSANE.  The first movie had almost no marketing which is why it did such low numbers but then became a hit once it made it to digital.  The numbers behind the second film, which wasn’t as good as the first, showed the real market here.  I think the third can be even worse and still do triple Watson’s estimate.  This is going to be the movie he’ll point to for losing the 2017 game, mark (watney) my words!

Ghost in the Shell

AKA Under the Skin Without Nudity

Release Date: 3/31/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $40

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $35

Watson Says: #GhostInTheShellSoWhiteAndSoBad

Garcia Says: Who has two thumbs and has been waiting for decades to see a live action version of a famous Manga book?  Pretty much nobody.

John Wick: Chapter 2

“I guess knowing kung fu won’t help.”

Release Date: 2/10/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $25

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $45

Watson Says: The first film was great but not a hit.  I hope this one is just as good and I lose some points here if Ryan bets big.  

Garcia Says: I don’t need to bet big with your sandbagging guess.  But I can’t wait for this one to break out.

My Little Pony

Probably not the actual movie poster but I give exactly 0 hoofs

Release Date: 10/6/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $20

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $15

Watson Says: Very young girls + Bronies = $20M.  I learned that in calculus.

Garcia Says: Finally, the movie that will make audiences everywhere ask “Can I see Smurfs: The Lost Village again?”


Easy to forget the original Flatliners had an amazing cast. And a Baldwin.

Release Date: 9/29/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $15

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $25

Watson Says: The first film was dark and smart.  I figure this one will be millenial and crappy.

Garcia Says: I won’t see it despite liking the original.  But it’ll get a bump from the Rogue One guy.

The Space Between Us

A teenage boy falls in love with his helmet. Not that helmet, Watson.

Release Date: 2/3/17

Watson Prediction (Millions): $15

Garcia Prediction (Millions): $25

Watson Says: This one won’t be putting any space between me and my wallet.  

Garcia Says: Know what would have made this movie better?  Mark Watney.

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