Stranger Things “The Flea And The Acrobat”

Ok, I saw Saturday Night Live‘s parody of Stranger Things, and it was predicated on the idea that Lucas’ parents weren’t seen, but Lucas was seen standing with an Africa American couple at the funeral, so maybe they should have been worried about Dustin’s parents who also seem to be missing from all this.

OK, how awesome is Chief Hopper?  He finds his way into the lab and even manages to get to that gooey portal.  That would be when he gets jumped by, I’m guessing, security.  These guys showed no compunction about shooting that diner owner and faking a suicide.  So, they do something awful to Hopper, right?  I mean, he found what had to be Eleven’s room.    He’s toast, right?

Er, no.  He wakes up at home like he was hungover.  I suppose that is another way to deal with a spying cop.


But, remember, Hopper isn’t some pathetic drunk.  Plus, it isn’t paranoia when you’re right as he rips his trailer apart and finds the listening device in a ceiling lamp.  Sure, there’s news of more disappearances, but Barb’s car is rather conveniently found at a bus station.  It’s all rather convenient.

Hopper doesn’t make the funeral, where the only named character at this point who believes it really is Will in that casket is his deadbeat dad Lonnie.  And he may just be in it for the money since he’s clearly planning on suing the quarry owner.  Joyce tosses him out.  She was right to do it.  And when Hopper shows up and dismantles all the Christmas lights to check for bugs, Joyce has an ally who is both an adult and someone who believes her.

As for the kids, between board games and Eleven’s cryptic comments, the guys theorize about another dimension Eleven calls the Upside Down.  As the bunch is all about Dungeons and Dragons, they figure it’s something called the Vale of Shadows, and the world’s most unsuspecting science teacher even discusses how to theoretically get there.  Because, really, everyone wants to go to the dimension of evil.

Dustin figures out that compasses pointing in the wrong direction will take the group to the portal, but Eleven messes with them and get the guys good and lost, even tossing Lucas aside at one point out of fear due to her past of seeing the monster while apparently eavesdropping on some Russian.  So, the Department of Energy is spying on the Soviets?  OK, I’ll go along with that for now, especially given how creepy Dr. Brenner is.

But before we go any further, we can see Jonathan and Nancy are arming themselves and headed out to kill the monster.  But, yeah, they actually do argue a bit because Jonathan was taking pictures of Nancy like a creepy stalker and that should have happened already.  I mean, she still likes Steve and all, and he kinda doesn’t like anybody.

Then they find a wounded deer, but before they can put it out of its misery, something snatches it away, and Nancy manages to find a second portal to the Upside Down, which seems to be closing just after the monster sees her and then…roll credits.

Methinks they’re going to need a lot more rum.

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