Stranger Things “Holly, Jolly”

You know, if this was really something from the 80s, then Nancy would have been caught by the whateveritis instead of the virginal Barb.

So, yeah, Nancy gets her cherry popped, and Barb gets sucked into the Twilight Zone or something.  And it’s bad enough that Nancy’s taste in men is terrible.  I mean, seriously?  Steve Harrington?  That guy just seems like a major loser to me right now.

File photo: Steve
File photo: Steve

To her credit, Nancy may be starting to realize that when she sees how Steve and his cool kid friends treat oddball weirdo Jonathan, older brother to the missing Will Byers.  I mean, you’d think most people would freak out that some dude was hiding in the bushes and taking pictures of them while they were gettin’ it on.  But not Nancy.  Maybe she’s flattered.  Maybe she has a voyerism fetish.  Or maybe she just thinks Steve was too cruel in his treatment of Jonathan.  I’m sure it could go all kinds of ways.  Besides, she seems to be the only one concerned Barb is still missing, and Jonathan got a photo of Barb just before Barb disappeared.

Meanwhile, we start to get some flashback/backstory for Eleven.  That sinister Dr. Brenner guy?  She calls him “Papa”.  And when she apparently refused to use her telekinesis to kill a cat, he tosses her in solitary.  But then she kills two orderlies.  Man, she needs to make up her mind.  What does all that stuff have to do with the Department of Energy, anyhow?  I mean, I could buy it if it were the Department of Defense or something, but weaponized children from the agency that monitors nuclear power plants and whatever the hell else it does seems weird.  At least Chief Hopper is suspicious when he gets on the base to look around and then look Brenner up again later.  Apparently, he was involved in all kinds of mental power experiments back in the day.  You know the kind.  The ones where the CIA or whoever tried to use LSD to make people psychic.

But Eleven’s usefulness is questionable.  She tries to take the boys to where Will is, and they stop outside his house.  He’s clearly not there.  Well, he might be.  Joyce is inside using Christmas lights to get messages from her son just before something comes out of the wall.  The boys know something about monsters, and came prepared in the event they meet one.  Lucas brought what he considered weapons.  Dustin brought snack food.  Priorities, man.

But it may be too late as the authorities pull a kid’s body out of the lake.  Is it Will?  Mike seems to think so, and blames Eleven for telling him Will was still alive.  Maybe Mike should just get some Christmas lights.

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