House Of Cards “Chapter Twenty-Four”

Any episode that includes all the thrills of a special prosecutor and all the unseemliness of an unexpected threeway is…well, it’s House of Cards.

Yes, there’s a special prosecutor, and while questioning Frank she reveals she knows Doug went to the Indian Casino and then went to China.  Frank’s been caught.  What to do? Well, first he needs Doug back on track.  That means Doug has to snap out of his obsession with Rachel, and he does for a while, long enough to be his usual self and help out.  Then he spots Rachel through a window screwing her new girlfriend.  That didn’t last long.  And who has ground floor sex with a window open?

But the plan to evade problems on Frank’s part is to actually tell the truth, first to Walker and then to the prosecutor.  Well, most of it.  He and Doug collaborate on a story to give out enough of the truth to avoid problems, how Doug was looking into the illegal money laundering, and so forth.  Frank gives up ten years worth of travel logs after a good scrubbing shows no problems, and Walker does the same, meaning the prosecutor may see Walker went to marriage counseling.  Why that would be useful to anybody, I can’t say.

But, hey, the Underwoods marriage seems solid enough to have a drunken threesome with Agent Meechum.  And it isn’t even awkward the next day.

Well, maybe for the audience.  Frank’s monologues sound a lot more Shakespearean these days.

And while Remy did get dirt on Jackie, he doesn’t share it with Tusk and offers neutrality with Frank.  That could mean something, like Frank lucking out in a way that looks brilliant.

So, all that remains is for Tusk to lose out somehow because that’s how this show works.

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