Oh, Nothing Big Here, Just The Trailer(s) For Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Last night while I was all nestled and snug in my bed, Marvel and Sony released two trailers for next years Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The first for us North American types:

And the second for the Internationals:

While they are similar in most ways, I have to say I liked the International trailer more.  It just flows better and gives a better sense of Peter’s world, his interaction with Tony Stark and just how much fun Peter is having, while still being very new at this.

I’ve had some concerns about the Vulture as the main villain, but he looks pretty good here and they just might be able to pull it off.  Spidey has one of the greatest rogues galleries in comics, but has had a bit of a villain problem in the movies.  The Green Goblin was great.  As was Doc Ock.  But Venom, Sandman and Green Goblin 2 were just horrible.  The Lizard wasn’t so bad, but wasn’t a big enough bad to carry a movie.  And Electro was just the worst ever.  Rhino is barely worth mentioning, so I’m glad he barely appeared.  So right now I am giving Michael Keaton the benefit of the doubt.

And I think this trailer puts any questions to rest (Ryan) about how ingrained Spider-Man is in the MCU.

Looking forward to July 7th, 2017!

Oh…and Peter’s best friend looks suspiciously like the best friend of one Miles Morales…

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