Simpsons Did It!: “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”

Is Lisa the only smart person in Springfield?

Well, no, but everyone in this town is fairly clueless in his or her own way.

A pudding company is having a gross-out contest for a trip to Hawaii, or maybe more accurately Connecticut.  No one said Hawaii except the TV commercials.  Springfielders from all over town come out to do stupid and disgusting things for the possibility to win a prize.  And the contest was being judged by Krusty, Rainer Wolfcastle and…Madeline Albright?  Holy crap!

Lisa, disgusted by the whole thing, would love to leave, but Marge more or less forced her to come, and even when told she can go is immediately yanked back.

Do I need to say a riot breaks out?  Because a riot totally breaks out.

Once home, Lisa writes a letter to the local newspaper complaining about the lack of intellectual activities in Springfield, which would be about the time she spots Bart, naked and riding a pig.  The letter goes unnoticed.  No one Lisa talks to has read it.  Disgruntled, Lisa goes home again and gets hit with a paper airplane that invites her to a specific address and requests she brings a dessert, which would be about the time she spots the pig riding a naked Bart.

There is no way to write that sentence without sounding like something else is happening.

But who sent Lisa the mystery invite?  The Springfield chapter of Mensa, the smart people’s organization.  Who are the members?  Principal Skinner, Dr. Hibbert, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, and new reoccurring character Lindsay Naegle, a businesswoman who works for just about any large business an episode has in stock.

Feeling like she finally fits in somewhere, Lisa is elated.  The Mensa folks are doing some Renaissance dress-up, but the park gazebo they requested is occupied by guys drinking beer.  They won’t budge.  Calling Chief Wiggum’s attention to their reservation just leads the Chief to join the beer drinkers with a beer of his own.

So, with a gripe about gazebos, the Mensa members go to see the Mayor and threaten to blow the whole scam out of the water.  Quimby thinks they’re talking about some corrupt thing he’s done, so he makes a run for it.  The town charter says that a council of learned citizens will take his place.  Guess who that is.  Go on, guess.

It doesn’t really go well, in part because the Mensa members don’t consult each other.  They squabble in front of the rest of town, and then Stephen Hawking shows up to tell them all how disappointed he is in them.  He even punches Principal Skinner with some of gizmo in his wheelchair.  Homer, for one, shouts the man he thinks is Larry Flint is right and…another riot breaks out.  Hawking’s wheelchair sprouts helicopter rotors and carries him and Lisa to safety, and afterwards, Hawking and Homer go out for a beer where Hawking says he may have to steal Homer’s donut-shaped theory of the universe.

Oh, and there was a subplot about Homer taking some erotic photographs for Marge, but she was more impressed by how nice the basement looked in said pictures.  C’est la vie.


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