Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Once More Unto The Breech…

It’s that time again.  I write a thinkpiece, you get the numbers.  I will continue to make the most of this situation.

Does Gabbing Geek need a weekly Box Office Report?  Well, that’s a good question.  In an ideal world, Gabbing Geek would be trying to build a unique brand online, one where the ideas and thoughts of the contributors make this place unique.

Instead, I write tons of reviews, this thing, and the Misplaced Hero files.  Jimmy contributes when he can, and Ryan even less often than that.

Still, I am actually quite thankful to write for the site.  True, I’m not getting paid in anything but thanks and compliments, but I feel a sense of accomplishment with everything I’ve done even as it gets ignored on the Internet.  Lesser-known superheroes, TV write-ups, everything that gets reviewed, and the box office report…you can find that in a lot of places.  I won’t say where, obviously, but you can find them in lots of places.  About the only thing really unique about my TV write-ups is I do all of them myself.  That takes dedication or insanity or something.  Probably insanity.  I write those things very far in advance, so whatever episode of The Simpsons appears later today in a write-up, just be aware I have columns for that show stretching to March of 2017 as of this typing.  If something happens, I have columns ready to go which, judging from the hit counters, are generally ignored anyway.

But as an American, we just had our Thanksgiving, so let’s say what I am thankful for about the other Geeks.

I’m thankful to Greg for being the guy he is, who reminds us of stuff in the office chat, and then offers kind words to one and all.

I’m thankful for Jenny for bringing the crazy and the rage in equal measures.

I’m thankful for Ryan for reminding us the theater is important too.

I’m thankful for Jimmy for being my partner in crime in many instances and one of the most supportive people I know.

And I’m thankful for Watson for introducing me to all these people.

And for giving me this picture:


And now the Box Office:

  1. Moana $55.5 million
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them $45.1 million
  3. Doctor Strange $13.4 million
  4. Allied $13 million
  5. Arrival $11.3 million


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