House Of Cards “Chapter Twenty-One”

I do generally get a kick out of House of Cards, but it sure isn’t easy to write about around the middle part of the season.

See, I know the show is meant to be binged, but I watch it in a more…traditional way.  And chances are, there are a bunch of episodes of other things in-between.  And as such, we’re past the start of the season where the conflict is set up, and we’re not quite near the end where everything that is going to happen actually happens.  Instead, from a plotting standpoint, we’re in a holding area as the last few chess pieces are put in place, and as such, we have an episode where a lot happens, but much of it doesn’t seem to be all that much in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, here we see the Walkers argue and then go to a marriage counselor Claire recommended, Remy and Jackie Sharp negotiating a more romantic relationship for when both are off the clock, Frank making deals with Feng to block Tusk, and Tusk trying and failing to get Frank back in line with an offer of more monetary support for the Democrats running for re-election.  We see Rachel take in a friend for a period and then it turns sexual with this other woman, and we see Stamper sniffing her sheets when she isn’t home.  There’s some maneuvering involving Indian Casinos, and, well, I still don’t think Tusk comes across as a worthy opponent for Frank.

And speaking of unworthy opponents… Linda Vasquez.  She and Frank disagree over the Chinese building that bridge, and Frank uses his own version of influence to win over Walker.  Linda’s last attempt is to resign and see if Walker will refuse it, but he doesn’t want to make it look like a loyal employee can blackmail him into keeping her or something, so she’s out.  She presents Frank with a Medal of Honor from the Smithsonian, and Frank admits Linda was a good opponent since she left without recriminations or anything along those lines.

So, really, it’s all a game to him at this point.

We’ll see how the game goes when it becomes public knowledge that Claire slept around on him last season.  Tusk may be going a wee bit too low this time.

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